Its wednesday

Its wednesday.

I didnt have any lectures today (yay!) so i ended up having quite a relaxed time. I spent the morning chilling out , cereal for breakfast. ramen for lunch.

At about 2 we went out to try the archery club , which was pretty great fun although my arm kind of aches now. I think ill end up joining if only for the hope that i get really into it , then buy a bow and can say “i own a giant Bow” ill probably end up using cats as target practice if i do.

After that we were too late to go try out dodgeball , which i was pretty upset about. Ill probably still sign up for it though.

Made myself dinner , which was a Sausage and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce. Funnily when someone asked what it was , the other people in the kitchen turned around and all said ‘heartattack sandwich’ which is what i was going to say before everyone stole my thunder.

Finished off the day by going to the SU and playing some pool , the rest of them went off to club/varisity which i couldnt really be bothered with because i have a lecture at 9am tomorrow T_T