Rude Awakening

I had a horrible nights sleep last night.

Tossing and turning from around midnight til 5-6am when i was finally able to get to sleep.
I awoke to the sound of keys rattling in a door.
it then occured to me that the door that was being key’d was my own.
A cleaner bursts through the door and says (read: yells) sorry at me for intruding as she gets rid of my bin.

The rest of the day was… incredibly uneventful.
I looked over my notes and tried doing some questions , i chatted on MSN , i went out to check the climbing wall but found out that you need to do ropework as well to be able to climb on the big wall :<
Dinner was pasta with some chilli sauce stuff.

Not sure whats going on tonight , we’re thinking maybe go down to varsity as its £1 per drink.

^Shows all of the sports clubs i may consider joining