Probably the best card game ive played , ever.
Although it gets out of hand very very fast.

Basically , its cards but you make the rules.
The guys i play with always start with the same basic rules.

Rules are :
You dont ask questions about the rules
You dont ask questions about the game
You must announce cards (eg. you lay a king of spades you say “king of spades”)

We played with the starting rules ‘you must say “have a nice day” after laying a 7 , next player then picks up a penalty card and must exclaim “penalty card” ‘
And the rule ‘you must tell everyone the card you just laid is a badger (“thats the badger”) if you lay an 8’

Then you lay your 5 cards abiding by these rules , fail to abide and you pick up a penalty card. Make any mistakes and you pick up a penalty card , take too long and you pick up a penalty card etc etc.

After you have no cards , say ‘Mao’ and pick up 5 cards. You can now make a rule of your choice but dont tell anyone. Enforce your rule.

Example rules made up in todays game…

‘Sing chorus of sweet child of mine when you play a red card’
‘ “hugh pugh barney mcgrew , cuthbert dibble and grubb” – when you lay a black card’
‘do a sherlock holmes impression if you lay a face card’
‘do an impression of the queen if you lay a queen’
‘lap around the room when you… lay a card.’
‘Kiss the person across from you if you lay an even numbered club’
‘kiss everyone in the room if you lay the ace of clubs’
‘sing the ace of spades when you lay an ace’
‘exclaim your love for geroge michael if you lay a card lower than 7’

Its a good game to combine with drinking , which is convinient because you’ll need to be pretty out of your mind to do most of the stuff in the rules.
by the end of the game for example…
If i was to lay an 8 of clubs i would have to…
Say ‘thats the badger’ , then say ‘hugh pugh barney mcgrew cuthbert dibble and grubb’ whilst running round the room then kiss the person across from me.

Fun game.