Fact: University libraries are confusing as hell

Not much happened today, went to the booksale in the morning , which was a failure. The queue was about 1 and a half hours long and i really couldnt be fucked so i just went back home and messed around on WoW for a bit.

Decided i really need books so i tried going to the library after finding out that one of the books i needed was ‘AVAILABLE’ from the website. The problem arised when i got there…


Thats all of the information they provide you. You then have to sift through 5 floors of bookshelves labeled like so~

None of the shelves i found had my code. Oh dear.
I eventually came across a moving shelf thing with about 800 books on. On the shelves themselves there are no labels telling you what is where or anything , there is no indication as to how the books are ordered etc etc.
I looked around for about half an hour then eventually gave up and just went back to dorm.

I had an innovative lunch today , i had run out of everything. All i had in my part of the fridge were some eggs (3 of them) , my bread was also one day out of date but i used it anyway.
I stole some Sour Cream and onion pringles and made a sandwich of Egg and pringles with ketchup in the middle.

Spent the rest of the day trying to learn how to juggle and now im typing this up at 9pm whilst the others are watching some film called ‘Glorious’ , im not much of a film person so i figured id just come online and waste time doing whatever.