The past few days ive been living off pizza , neglecting my studies , making more friends on the other side of the corridor , reading ‘beaver and steve’ (ben let me borrow it for a while) , playing the ‘mine’ game,  eating haribo (the box is nearly empty!!! D: ) and probably other stuff too.

I -think- im the current record holder of the cryfield sprint but that might be my imagination , its a run from the common room to the side stairwell , up to the first floor , run all the way round to the other side stairwell and then sprint back to the common room with the pillar as the finish line. I think i got 23 seconds yesterday but im not 100% sure , maybe that was my imagination. I definately got 28 seconds on my first try.. hmm.

Ive bought my lab coat, it makes me look sciencey.

uh…. idk what else to say.

so im gonna go take a shower now.

Oh yeah , i finished Crysis Warhead. Pretty damn good game.
And Portal : Prelude is good , but really hard. im on the 5th level so far.