Geopursuit – YOU vs THE WORLD

So yesterday afternoon some people came round the dorm and threw these up everywhere (under and on doors)

, i was first to the scene.

The way my room is set is like so..

I took the one on my door , and the one on helens door and put it under bens door.

Apparently , he then came back while i was gone , took the ones under his door and put it under helens door.

At some point i then got two through my door , i can only assume helen did it.

we now have about 5 and hide them all over each others rooms , (helens room is always unlocked because she lost her keys so we get a bit of an advantage – i feel pervy/awkward going into a girls room when she’s not around though.

Last night when she was gone somewhere we put one amongst her birthday cards , one in her sink , and one in her bed under the duvet. Result?

Got that under my door at about 1am.

Today , i went out to lectures and came back to find my door with this on…

There were also 2 door hanger things on top of the door.

I wanted another newspaper so we could blu-tak that page to helens ceiling , so i went upstairs to search for a student newspaper…


I came back to this.

Also , as of right now , theres 4 in bens room (in his bible , in his bed , in his underwear drawer , in his maths textbook) and one in helens room (hanging on her cupboard with all her clothes)

edit: This is how bens door looks right now.

Yes. thats a box of chocolate fingers stuck to his door and a door hanger on the top.
I also went back later and blu-tak’d some 2p coins to his door.