Back by popular demand!

I forgot to back up some of the posts so theres like 3 posts there that went missing. oh well.

Blog should be all working and shit now , even the old pictures work (cant upload pictures yet though ,ill work that out soon i hope)

will reupload the uploads folder soon but i only downloaded files up to around 1mb , if you uploaded anything above 1mb (im looking at you boyce) they wont be there.

Now that this is the 2nd year my blog has been running , im tempted to make a change to the theme.
What do you guys think of either of these?
Or maybe i should leave it as it is…

alternatively if you have nothing better to do , go find a nice one and link it in the comment box –

(i hope comments still work)

edit: apparently people cant access the /uploads/ folder as they dont have permissions… not sure whats going on there. the file hosting DOES still work though but you wont be able to access a file unless you know the name of the file.