[REC] (2007)

So i went last night to see the midnight showing of spanish shakey-cam flick ‘[REC]’. few bits of information about the film:1. its all in spanish2. its in shakey-cam3. its an 184. I screamed like a little girl on a … Read More

Bomberman Online

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Bomberman http://rs525.rapidshare.com/files/148446167/Bmoworld4.4.0.exe Get that shit. now. …. now im going off to watch [REC]

Everyones Bizarre Adventure open

link added on the right , if you want author access to blog your own stuff – let me know via comment or sign up there and then tell me or something like that and i’ll throw you on.

Food and tinfoil

A while ago: Had a yummy thingy at a posh restaurant when my parents came to visit (i think this was like 2 weeks ago now but i only just got stuff off my phone.) – it was like a … Read More


hit 100k total views , which is kinda cool i guess.. In other news, i am eating chocolate toast.

Work work and more work

Sorry for the lack of updates , life has really been giving me a beat down. Frances came to visit me on tuesday, which was nice – although made me realise there really isnt much to do on campus during … Read More

Left 4 Wall-e

Left 4 dead session last night was amazing. Pictures on my xfire http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/mengzor/ and a video on youtube Spent today walking around leamington spa and shopping for food.after i got back i watched Wall-e for the first time , its … Read More

Tim gets owned.

(aka. patricks revenge – which i assisted in) What his room looked like after we moved everything out of it… but… wheres all of his stuff gone?… What about his table , bed , drawers , posters and all of … Read More