[REC] (2007)

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So i went last night to see the midnight showing of spanish shakey-cam flick ‘[REC]’.

few bits of information about the film:
1. its all in spanish
2. its in shakey-cam
3. its an 18
4. I screamed like a little girl on a rollercoaster

[REC] is a horror film , the term horror is used rather lightly as id personally classify it as more of a scary film.
The difference between horror and scary is that horror makes you afraid or scared of stuff , scary is when shit isnt particuarly creepy or psychologically worrying but more – you know stuff is going to happen… but not when.

The film is , at heart , a zombie film. Its pretty much Left 4 Dead the movie. The shakey cam is somewhat annoying at times, but it definately does add to the scare factor , characters obscure parts of the camera – making you not know what is there or whether to brace for an OHFUCK ITS IN MY FACE AND THERE ARE LOUD NOISES moment.

It went from being boring at the start too a slightly scary film – made scary by random cheap scares , to an awesome film – made awesome by the security guard who fucks up zombies hard , not to give the other kills away but in one scene a zombie runs at him , he punches it in the face and then snaps its neck (pretty lol sitting in the cinema and being like OHHHHHHHHHHHH with some other people in the cinema clapping and stuff) . The film then goes to a very scary film towards the end… when the lights go out… “turn on the light on the camera..”-“oh okay.. give me a second…” AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (more cheap scares.)

It was an awesome film , suspense , gore , moments which make you shout at the screen , and cheap scares – what more do you want from a ‘horror’ film.

Unfortunately i do think the reason it was so awesome was from the atmosphere of the cinema , having everyone scream along with you , and being 2 rows from the front probably made it a little scarier too since when shit was on screen – it was pretty much all of your vision – you also have to pan your head to look for scary little girls and stuff…

Came back afterwards , chilled out , ate some jelly , then played around with some pink food dye – made some peoples juice pink , pink milk , pink ginger beer , pink cream soda , pink lemonade….

Everyones Bizarre Adventure open

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link added on the right , if you want author access to blog your own stuff – let me know via comment or sign up there and then tell me or something like that and i’ll throw you on.

Food and tinfoil

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A while ago:

Had a yummy thingy at a posh restaurant when my parents came to visit (i think this was like 2 weeks ago now but i only just got stuff off my phone.) – it was like a folded pizza / Giant cornish pasty with chicken and stuff in.
Very tasty.



My first and probably last steak at warwick, parents bought it for me – although £2.20 for a big beefy steak isnt bad at all so maybe i will get some more , chicken is like £3.20 for two breasts so i guess it isnt that bad. (although 2 chicken breasts lasts about 3 meals)


5 Minutes ago :

people wouldnt clean their shit up in the kitchen , so we wrapped it all in tin foil – as you do.
Also wrapped but not pictured – Kettle , toaster , stephs fork – which she was in the middle of using.


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hit 100k total views , which is kinda cool i guess..

In other news, i am eating chocolate toast.

Work work and more work

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Sorry for the lack of updates , life has really been giving me a beat down.

Frances came to visit me on tuesday, which was nice – although made me realise there really isnt much to do on campus during the day (or during the night realistically)
Ended up playing guitar hero in the common room for a bit , playing poker with some of the upstairs guys and then watching ‘untracable’ , which was more or less ‘saw’ from what i hear (kidnap , torture). It was meh , somewhere between the lines of bad and okay – not particuarly a good horror film but more of a plain sadist gore film.

Walked around campus the next day , went to tesco for some shopping and ended up spending £10 on fuckknows what when i only wanted bread. Watched ‘Mirrors’ , which was okay. Certainly more of a horror film than ‘untraceable’ – although very typical supernatural horror where they solve a mystery/puzzle and then break the curse and all that jazz. It was pretty much ‘the ring’ but before you die you see a mirror.
2 Pizzas for lunch , yummy.

She left at 6ish , and life returned to normal.
It was at this point i realised just how much work i had to do.
– Laundry / Dry clothes
– Study the lab stuff for thursday
– revise for exam on thursday
– sleep as i only got 4 hours the night before.
Hectic night ensued.

Thursday , struggled to get out of bed , took the test , ended up copying 75% of the stuff , did the lab which took from 11am til like 4:30pm. Spent the rest of the day playing games and relaxing.
NFS undercover is kind of meh , feels like NFS most wanted.
Halo was good fun too.
Sweet and sour rice vermicelli stir fry with chicken for dinner , which was kind of dry but edible.

and now im typing this up , and will probably start trying to do my lab report since nobody is on to play L4D. Early bed tonight as 8am start again tomorrow >_>”

ps. that was my last lab! no more labs until after holidays wooooo
(labs arent actually that bad , just the reports are kind of btichin)

Left 4 Wall-e

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Left 4 dead session last night was amazing. Pictures on my xfire http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/mengzor/

and a video on youtube

Spent today walking around leamington spa and shopping for food.
after i got back i watched Wall-e for the first time , its an amazing film.
Sound , animation , story , all top notch.
go watch it if you havent already

Tim gets owned.

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(aka. patricks revenge – which i assisted in)

What his room looked like after we moved everything out of it…

but… wheres all of his stuff gone?… What about his table , bed , drawers , posters and all of the crap on his floor?

In the common room of course!!!

But we cant just leave his room looking bare…


Noodle sandwich

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Amazing raw ramen sandwich that i was crunching over vent whilst playing RA3 a few days ago.

Rock Climbing and other crap

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Went to a rock climbing lesson thing today to go on to the big wall and learn all of the ropework , ive climbed before quite a few times but never really with ropes (im too hardcore for that shit) , they force you to use ropes here to use the big wall so i figure i should go take the lesson and all that.

I learned how to do the fancy looking knot thing that keeps you from dying , i also learned how to handle the rope for the other person , i forgot what it was called though and i call can think of right now is ‘bayonetting’ . which probably isnt right.

Found out i missed the opportunity to go to a clubland live gig featuring scooter , ultrabeat and darren styles. which was rather sad since scooter and styles are fucking amazing.

In other news , patrick left his window open when he went home for reading week. Resulting in everything from his room being moved to the drying cupboard buy some guys , including his posters , books etc etc.
message was left in his room from the cleaning fairy “i used a spell to help me clean all of your stuff , i have however , forgotten the spell to bring it all back. <3 from gary"
When he got back he was not impressed , he demanded they put all of his stuff back… which they did.
2nd message read “i remembered the spell to bring all your stuff back.. however…. <3 gary"

We couldnt get the cupboard upside down which was a shame.

Days pass…

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Playing some Left for dead , some RA3 , Beatmania private eamuse server is online now too so ive been playing a little of that ,i wish i had brought my controller though.

Also i ordered a printer so i wouldnt have to keep poncing off ben opposite me.

err… I did another essay thing , i fobbed off one essay thing and halfassed another essay.
Currently supposed to be doing another essay. Test on friday , which should be horrible.

I bought another textbook for my course , £40. pain.
This brings my total cost for textbooks so far to around £120.

Christmas is coming soon, sort of looking forward to going back home but at the same time i know christmas is always kind of rubbish aside from the much needed break from studying , it should be more relaxing than last year as well where i spent my time around christmas working at the COSMO restaurant , dealing with christmas parties and such. Of course at least then i had some money to spend on presents , i feel really poor now and im not sure if ill end up spending that much on people.

uh… on the music scene , downloading clubland xtreme hardcore 2 and 3 , because its fun to listen to at 3am in the morning. Ive also gotten into an obscure group called Q;indivi ,which is electronic pop sort of group which sounds like Genki Rockets.

Foodwise ive been quite good , bacon with pasta and chicken and mushroom sauce , a chicken and mushroom pasty , ham and egg sandwich , jacket potato with chilli con carne and salad (fucking £3.50 , i hate you stupid cafe on gibbet hill) , i bought some more wagon wheels as well. Ive almost finished eating 4 boxes of chocolate fingers , 3 left.

I forgot my umbrella in my tutorial room today and i hope that twit amar gives it back to me , he took it from the room and i havent seen him since.

Had my first game of halo since ive been here , 4 people on one 18″ pc monitor is not the most fantastic experience but our team still won (we were playing over XBL) , we have sort of established an A team of super 1337 pro hax0rz and a B team of noobs , with the A team wrecking faces and the B team being turned into piles of ash – fallout 3 lazer style.

and to end with… Heres a picture of anony raiding a fridge instead of helping to deal with the hordes of zombies which inevitably burst out of that back wall. Ps. i dont know why there are feet there , im pretty sure there isnt even anything for a body to be falling off of , nor is there anything up there but ceiling… *shrugs*

Trying not to turn into Rik Waller

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(if you dont know who Rik waller is for whatever reason , google image search is your friend)

So after 4 weeks of living here , when i went home (2 weeks ago now) i weighed myself and realised i had gained half a stone from being at uni… for 4 weeks…


as such i have started trying to eat more healthily , this week my meals have been as such..

Prawn Salad (omfg)
Cous Cous with peppers and chicken wings
Bacon and Egg Sandwich (okay i let slip here)
Rice with Cajun chicken
Spicy Chicken bake slice thing by ginsters
and right now i have 2 jacket potatoes in the oven to be eaten with tuna and sweetcorn when they’re finished cooking.

I also have some mince and chicken wings in the freezer (along with some oven chicken and chips but those are emergency foods) and some eggs and bacon in the fridge.
Im slowly starting to turn this around from being super unhealthy to reasonable. (consider that in my 2nd week i think i ate 5 pizzas – that one week that is , not the 2 weeks total)

I really fancy an indian takeout. mmmm
Shame that shit is like £8

Budgetting seems to be okayish so far , eating healthier is certainly more expensive.
The last 2 weeks food shopping came to about £60 which isnt tooooooo bad… (about £4 a day for breakfast , lunch, dinner, cream soda and ice cream)

in other news , saw Iron man yesterday at the student cinema (£3) , it was actually surprisingly good , i think i enjoy films so much more when i havent seen the trailers/much of the trailer and have no real idea of the story. As such i dont think im gonna watch anymore trailers if i can help it.

Also , Left 4 Dead session last night was absoloutely amazing , i didnt manage to get any screenshots since my fraps wasnt open and all that jazz but ill definately get some next time when we play on expert.

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