(Agents of infectious dieseases)
Shit was mad hard.
wanna hear an example of a question? no? FUCK YOU NEITHER DID I SO YOU’RE HEARING IT TOO.

27. Which of the following genera is a member of the phylum Firmicute?
A. Pseudomonas
B. Rickettsia
C. Staphylococcus
D. Escherichia
E. Salmonella


I got 18/30 on my last test , which wasnt too bad. Im not feeling so hopeful on this one though. Tests in university for me seem to be less of a test of knowledge and more of a test of how good you can look at other peoples answer sheets and assessing whether they know what they’re doing or not.

Also today , my lab partner ditched me D:
What a bitch , what sort of name is Briony anyway , what are you? some sort of preservative for tuna?
and now my partner is some gangsta G bop indian guy who tawks laak this laak , yu no wot i meen?
Well.. lifes not all bad i suppose , at least i have foo- FUCK I HAVE NO FOOD IN THE FRIDGE ARGHAGRHG

its also come to my realization that although there arent many black people here , the ones that are , arent very different to conventional black people. You’d think they might be smarter or more civilized considering they’re going to one of the leading UK universities but nope. They still sit at the back , talk during lecture , shout stuff out , tawk laak dis laak , and generally lack respect for any other human being. *shrugs*