Uni life

Just checked the results of the archery thing and i came 19th out of 36. Which is somewhere between meh and pretty bad. I did shoot horribly so i can only imagine how bad everyone else was.

Finally got round to uploading some of the pictures from my phone..

28th October.. Extreme amounts of rain bombards Warwick uni for the first time since i was there. The picture was taken walking back from gibbet hill which is the medical buildings , its about 15 minutes walk back to halls so i was soaked through by the time i got back :<
Later that day was snow…

Obviously giant snowball fight , followed by snowman making…
Heres a picture of me trying to roll that thing.


It doesent look that big , but this thing was about half the size of me (so around 1m high) , the bottom one was so heavy it took 5 of us to roll it , and even that was nearly imposible. I dont know how those cousins in katamari do it man ;_;

4th Nov
Clearly i wasnt the only one that was falling asleep in that lecture.

Went to tescos later on in the day , chocolate fingers were half price , from £1.50 to around 62-70p !!
I lerb chocolate fingers…