Trying not to turn into Rik Waller

(if you dont know who Rik waller is for whatever reason , google image search is your friend)

So after 4 weeks of living here , when i went home (2 weeks ago now) i weighed myself and realised i had gained half a stone from being at uni… for 4 weeks…


as such i have started trying to eat more healthily , this week my meals have been as such..

Prawn Salad (omfg)
Cous Cous with peppers and chicken wings
Bacon and Egg Sandwich (okay i let slip here)
Rice with Cajun chicken
Spicy Chicken bake slice thing by ginsters
and right now i have 2 jacket potatoes in the oven to be eaten with tuna and sweetcorn when they’re finished cooking.

I also have some mince and chicken wings in the freezer (along with some oven chicken and chips but those are emergency foods) and some eggs and bacon in the fridge.
Im slowly starting to turn this around from being super unhealthy to reasonable. (consider that in my 2nd week i think i ate 5 pizzas – that one week that is , not the 2 weeks total)

I really fancy an indian takeout. mmmm
Shame that shit is like £8

Budgetting seems to be okayish so far , eating healthier is certainly more expensive.
The last 2 weeks food shopping came to about £60 which isnt tooooooo bad… (about £4 a day for breakfast , lunch, dinner, cream soda and ice cream)

in other news , saw Iron man yesterday at the student cinema (£3) , it was actually surprisingly good , i think i enjoy films so much more when i havent seen the trailers/much of the trailer and have no real idea of the story. As such i dont think im gonna watch anymore trailers if i can help it.

Also , Left 4 Dead session last night was absoloutely amazing , i didnt manage to get any screenshots since my fraps wasnt open and all that jazz but ill definately get some next time when we play on expert.