Days pass…

Playing some Left for dead , some RA3 , Beatmania private eamuse server is online now too so ive been playing a little of that ,i wish i had brought my controller though.

Also i ordered a printer so i wouldnt have to keep poncing off ben opposite me.

err… I did another essay thing , i fobbed off one essay thing and halfassed another essay.
Currently supposed to be doing another essay. Test on friday , which should be horrible.

I bought another textbook for my course , £40. pain.
This brings my total cost for textbooks so far to around £120.

Christmas is coming soon, sort of looking forward to going back home but at the same time i know christmas is always kind of rubbish aside from the much needed break from studying , it should be more relaxing than last year as well where i spent my time around christmas working at the COSMO restaurant , dealing with christmas parties and such. Of course at least then i had some money to spend on presents , i feel really poor now and im not sure if ill end up spending that much on people.

uh… on the music scene , downloading clubland xtreme hardcore 2 and 3 , because its fun to listen to at 3am in the morning. Ive also gotten into an obscure group called Q;indivi ,which is electronic pop sort of group which sounds like Genki Rockets.

Foodwise ive been quite good , bacon with pasta and chicken and mushroom sauce , a chicken and mushroom pasty , ham and egg sandwich , jacket potato with chilli con carne and salad (fucking £3.50 , i hate you stupid cafe on gibbet hill) , i bought some more wagon wheels as well. Ive almost finished eating 4 boxes of chocolate fingers , 3 left.

I forgot my umbrella in my tutorial room today and i hope that twit amar gives it back to me , he took it from the room and i havent seen him since.

Had my first game of halo since ive been here , 4 people on one 18″ pc monitor is not the most fantastic experience but our team still won (we were playing over XBL) , we have sort of established an A team of super 1337 pro hax0rz and a B team of noobs , with the A team wrecking faces and the B team being turned into piles of ash – fallout 3 lazer style.

and to end with… Heres a picture of anony raiding a fridge instead of helping to deal with the hordes of zombies which inevitably burst out of that back wall. Ps. i dont know why there are feet there , im pretty sure there isnt even anything for a body to be falling off of , nor is there anything up there but ceiling… *shrugs*