Work work and more work

Sorry for the lack of updates , life has really been giving me a beat down.

Frances came to visit me on tuesday, which was nice – although made me realise there really isnt much to do on campus during the day (or during the night realistically)
Ended up playing guitar hero in the common room for a bit , playing poker with some of the upstairs guys and then watching ‘untracable’ , which was more or less ‘saw’ from what i hear (kidnap , torture). It was meh , somewhere between the lines of bad and okay – not particuarly a good horror film but more of a plain sadist gore film.

Walked around campus the next day , went to tesco for some shopping and ended up spending £10 on fuckknows what when i only wanted bread. Watched ‘Mirrors’ , which was okay. Certainly more of a horror film than ‘untraceable’ – although very typical supernatural horror where they solve a mystery/puzzle and then break the curse and all that jazz. It was pretty much ‘the ring’ but before you die you see a mirror.
2 Pizzas for lunch , yummy.

She left at 6ish , and life returned to normal.
It was at this point i realised just how much work i had to do.
– Laundry / Dry clothes
– Study the lab stuff for thursday
– revise for exam on thursday
– sleep as i only got 4 hours the night before.
Hectic night ensued.

Thursday , struggled to get out of bed , took the test , ended up copying 75% of the stuff , did the lab which took from 11am til like 4:30pm. Spent the rest of the day playing games and relaxing.
NFS undercover is kind of meh , feels like NFS most wanted.
Halo was good fun too.
Sweet and sour rice vermicelli stir fry with chicken for dinner , which was kind of dry but edible.

and now im typing this up , and will probably start trying to do my lab report since nobody is on to play L4D. Early bed tonight as 8am start again tomorrow >_>”

ps. that was my last lab! no more labs until after holidays wooooo
(labs arent actually that bad , just the reports are kind of btichin)