Food and tinfoil

A while ago:

Had a yummy thingy at a posh restaurant when my parents came to visit (i think this was like 2 weeks ago now but i only just got stuff off my phone.) – it was like a folded pizza / Giant cornish pasty with chicken and stuff in.
Very tasty.



My first and probably last steak at warwick, parents bought it for me – although £2.20 for a big beefy steak isnt bad at all so maybe i will get some more , chicken is like £3.20 for two breasts so i guess it isnt that bad. (although 2 chicken breasts lasts about 3 meals)


5 Minutes ago :

people wouldnt clean their shit up in the kitchen , so we wrapped it all in tin foil – as you do.
Also wrapped but not pictured – Kettle , toaster , stephs fork – which she was in the middle of using.