[REC] (2007)

So i went last night to see the midnight showing of spanish shakey-cam flick ‘[REC]’.

few bits of information about the film:
1. its all in spanish
2. its in shakey-cam
3. its an 18
4. I screamed like a little girl on a rollercoaster

[REC] is a horror film , the term horror is used rather lightly as id personally classify it as more of a scary film.
The difference between horror and scary is that horror makes you afraid or scared of stuff , scary is when shit isnt particuarly creepy or psychologically worrying but more – you know stuff is going to happen… but not when.

The film is , at heart , a zombie film. Its pretty much Left 4 Dead the movie. The shakey cam is somewhat annoying at times, but it definately does add to the scare factor , characters obscure parts of the camera – making you not know what is there or whether to brace for an OHFUCK ITS IN MY FACE AND THERE ARE LOUD NOISES moment.

It went from being boring at the start too a slightly scary film – made scary by random cheap scares , to an awesome film – made awesome by the security guard who fucks up zombies hard , not to give the other kills away but in one scene a zombie runs at him , he punches it in the face and then snaps its neck (pretty lol sitting in the cinema and being like OHHHHHHHHHHHH with some other people in the cinema clapping and stuff) . The film then goes to a very scary film towards the end… when the lights go out… “turn on the light on the camera..”-“oh okay.. give me a second…” AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (more cheap scares.)

It was an awesome film , suspense , gore , moments which make you shout at the screen , and cheap scares – what more do you want from a ‘horror’ film.

Unfortunately i do think the reason it was so awesome was from the atmosphere of the cinema , having everyone scream along with you , and being 2 rows from the front probably made it a little scarier too since when shit was on screen – it was pretty much all of your vision – you also have to pan your head to look for scary little girls and stuff…

Came back afterwards , chilled out , ate some jelly , then played around with some pink food dye – made some peoples juice pink , pink milk , pink ginger beer , pink cream soda , pink lemonade….