Kinda furious.

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Used my 48 hour xbox live gold thing , only it didnt work.
No online play for meng :|

Also. not sure if i said yet but i got Viva pinata , Lumines Live , castle crashers and Beautiful Katamari yesterday. Joy. Just what i need when im supposed to be doing work.

ps. my gamertag is mengplex if theres anyone i havent added yet? (i still dont really know who reads this thing.)


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So today was pretty much shit. (not to be confused with ‘the shit’ of course).
Went to aunts house (on my dads side) ,  and it was pretty much the most boring 7 hours of my life, i want them back to be frank. Got there, exchanged a few words with people , then went to twiddle with my thumbs for 7 hours ,because i dislike most of the people there – bloody family of showoffs who cant talk about anything which doesent big themselves up.
Played some DJmax Black square (which was released/hacked last night) , its pretty good , like clazziquai style but hard.
They put on ‘Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007)’ , which – other than the first 10 minutes and the last 3 minutes , was a horrible horrible movie.

Ah well. at least i dont have to do that for another 365 days.

ps. my right arm kinda aches in places from p0werballin’

Secret of how to win monopoly , 100% foolproof.

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Seriously. On every board , at the end , there are 2 areas which are a different colour – it doesent matter what region of monopoly you’re playing , buy the last 2 before GO.
Obviously buy everything else you can , but go for these two. Once you have both , pump houses.
When mayfair is ‘maxxed out’, £2400 for landing on it. This turns into the ‘game over’ square essentially. Nobody has that much money. They will go bankrupt , and have to sell properties , thus getting poorer and poorer. Obviously , only owning 2 squares of the board may be trying , but eventually , they will all succumb. Happens everytime. And then? you win.

I know this from experience , i spent somewhere in the region of 8 hours today playing monopoly. As soon as someone has both of those , they insta-win , you may as well just give up if its not you because defeat is inevitable. Infact , in the 2nd game , we ended up going 4 on 1 trying to not go bankrupt by the devil who had both of them , we lost. (we let each other go rent free , so that we in theory can just keep gaining money from her.) How depressing.

And that is the story of my christmas , woke up  , opened presents , went to grandparents , played monopoly , lost , played scrabble , lost (although i got ‘Retina’ , ‘awaken’ and probably some other cool stuff too) , ate dinner , played scrabble again , lost again , played monopoly , lost again. Go home.

Tomorrow – Its the other family get together , thankfully,  DJmax blacksquare has sorta been hacked , so i get to be antisocial and play that, Yaaaaaaaaassssssssss.

The haul

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Some scrilla, a Big sturdyish looking BB gun from frances (and like 3 gajillion BB’s) , a powerball neon from an aunt , Samsung G600 phone from mum , more scrilla from dad , new bag from brother… i think that was it.
Not bad , lovin the powerball , shit glows when you spin it :D

Here it is again.

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Have to say , i think the amount of presents i get is decreasing with each year.
At least this christmas i get a secret santa present to look forward to as well as a weird shaped present from frances (its like some sort of prism shape… :S )

And of course there is the 360 and new TV , although those werent my presents in particular , but they’re nice to have around. (completed dead rising today yay!)

Frances came over for dinner last night , and to meet the family and all that. She was scared to say the least but it all seemed to play out well. (may i also add she’s surprisingly good at guitar hero – also the quietest drummer/strummer in the history of the world)

Christmas day tomorrow eh , lets hope i get some better presents than last year…
i mean, doritos and dip is pretty cool i guess….
and the best present i got last year was probably the copy of psychonauts that leetfella bought me lol – speaking of which , xfire says he got an upgrade? I guess we have to go back to making fun of raveys pc? :/

Merry christmas to all the readers , and a big fuck you to my non-readers ^_~

Tf2 video

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Probably the best TF2 video ive ever seen , far better than that artsy pyro shit that was floating about everywhere a while ago.


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Yeah, so i havent been online much lately – aside from the TF2 / L4D last night.

Mainly because ive been playing on the 360,

Finished halo 3 on heroic mode the other day , pretty decent game i guess – but its very much the same sort of thing all the way through. Multiplayer is more fun thankfully. Cant really decide whether it was long or short , guess that means it was somewhere in the middle – the sand level was fucking ridiculously long though (the ark).

I think i finished dead rising? Im not sure.. i got to the end of the 72 hours , helicopter arrived.. sorta.. then i got the achievement for survivor and 10 survivors rescued , unlocked overtime mode… and then the game kept going? *shrugs* oh well. more the better , although the spec ops guys are fucking gay.

Also finished GHWT on drums on hard , however the move from hard -> expert seems a little ridiculous – with double bass beats and just random offbeat bass kicks. Havent really started the guitar career mode yet since guitar is kinda old. I’ll probably do it sometime anyway though.

mm , maybe when i go back to uni you’ll get posts which arent about me kicking ass at games :3

The last remnant is going to PC? yaaassss.

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Had no idea , PC is superior!

Last remnant , FFXIII , mirrors edge – all cool games i get to play for free :D

Played the rambo arcade game today in my local bowling alley (which is apparently really fucking up to date with games – they have the new silent hill cab too :S) , its so much fun. Build up your rage meter using your machine gun and killing everything and then press the 2nd trigger and your screen catches fire and rambo head appears and he;’s like AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH and you get infinate ammo and invincibility. So great..

Oh , also on the games front. Tom Clancy’s Endwar is so much fun to play , i downloaded the demo thinking it would be like rainbow 6 vegas or something. Then upon startup of the game it asked to configure my voice for commands… I thought.. well okay then , i guess i can issue commands to my squad members by voice – which is kinda cool.
Turns out the game is an all out RTS, which can be played using just one finger/button – that being your right forefinger for the right trigger which activates the mic. All commands can then be issued via the mic , control points are given a letter code , to which you can send units to.
For example , if you held RT and said – Unit 1 move to foxtrot , unit 1 would move to that position. You can change the camera by saying Unit X Camera , you can deploy units by saying ‘deploy gunships’ or whatever you want to deploy… ‘unit 3 attack hostile 2’ etc etc etc. Its so awesome.

Baguette VS Snippa Rifle

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So i forgot about my blog for a few days – as i realised i have a 360.

Its supposed to be a christmas present for my brother but for some reason im allowed to play it now , so i have been doing so.
Currently i have Guitar hero world tour , Halo 3 , and dead rising.

GHWT is pretty fun , although its not really something i can play for ages – the whole plastic guitar/drums age has sorta peaked already tbh , still fun but its just kinda there now.

Halo 3 is kinda meh in story mode , and i dont have an xbox live gold account so i cant really play online – thankfully. Because if i could play online i doubt id do any of my work.

Dead rising… is surprisingly fucking hard. The demo made the game appear all lah-dee-dah run around and see what you can use to kill zombies , wheras the actual game is GO HERE BEFORE 11AM , RESCUE THESE PEOPLE , ESCORT THE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL USELESS,  FIND WEAPONS WHICH DONT SUCK , FIND FOOD , FIND KEYS , KILL ASSHOLE WHO IS SHOOTING AT YOU WITH A SNIPER RIFLE… WITH A CAN OPENER , etc etc. Its a really fucking hard game at times , and i cant even imagine how you’re supposed to do most of the achievements which are like ‘rescue 50 survivors’ , because if you dont get to them in time , they die , but if you dont do the main mission in time , you die. So its just kinda D:

Anywho , back to statistical analysis of pipettes… >_>”

Xfire game update sheds light on a missed gem…

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Pokemon… Online… MMO….
Ability to PVP battle….

oh my god.
It seems to be in early days still , and it looks like shit. but hey , its pokemon , and its fucking ONLINE. i may grab this soon to have a play – if my brother doesent grab it first.


There is also a Shin megami tensei online mmo game (persona) , for any of you that are into that series.


Also , TF2 update released , main changes –
– engineer’s dispenser , teleporter can now be upgraded to level 3 (each level = faster shit)
– Spies can recharge cloak by picking up ammo crates (spy buff.)
– Bullet firing weapons can not break demo stickies (demo nerf)
– The icon on the HUD for a person calling for Medic will now give more information to the medic (if the target is low on health, on fire, etc.)
– achievement tracker , for achievement whores.

good stuff , but where the fuck is my new class update.


for anyone who wanted to try BLOCKSUM , the video in my previous post , the game is here – and its a pretty amazing game tbfh. My current high score is 28k



Which is basically pong , on crack , with japanese anime characters. Still trying to find the full version , but theres a trial version around which has 3 characters – its actually pretty damn fun , would be even better in versus mode but i have nobody to play with ;_;


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So.. nobody told me GTA4 was this addictive. I dont even know why its so addictive , but i just cant seem to stop playing it.

Still yet to get in a huge online game , which is a huge shame – 32 player sandbox would be pretty fucking insane i reckon , like you’d go to get a bleeder burger and then a helicopter crashes through the window whilst at the same time a huge gunfight is going on outside and such…

I also realised yesterday that i still havent finished a L4D campaign on expert mode. wtf

Back in essex. where there are black people.

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I saw the approximately the entire black population of warwick university this morning just taking the bus to my friend’s house who lives 15 minutes away. Thats scary.

Went to surprise my friend hass whose 20th birthday was on friday. We went to his house with a cake (i had to wait at the bus stop for 45 minutes because of my friend being late… >_>” – i hate lateness.).
As our luck would have it , he wasnt home. After a phonecall we found out he was in goodmayes , so we went to goodmayes. When we got to goodmayes we called him again and he was in curry’s – so we went to curry’s. Obviously by the time we got there he was at the bus stop to ilford. We got on the bus prior to his bus stop and we finally got to see him.

So im back home ,
good things – i have a big room again , i get food cooked for me , i dont have to go to the laundrette , i get to see frances again.

Bad things – The shower is dodgy and goes cold sometimes , im not used to my own bed , the sun pours through the windows in the morning – which is weird since im used to being on the side that doesent get morning sun. Theres no mario kart here , i cant walk out of my room and see friends , i cant shoot jenna with the toy crossbow , laggy wireless internet , no lock on my door.

Other stuff:

– GTA4 is awesome , shame it is a tidge buggy on the PC , missing textures and shit running riot.
– My brother is getting a 360 for xmas , it has halo 3 and appparently we’re getting GHWT with the drums and guitar peripherals.
– I have the lutie theme from ragnarok in my mind right now after thinking about christmas

Pretty fun night last night…

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Christmas dinner , with amazing turkey , roast potatoes and yummy shit.
All slathered in cranberry sauce.

Then circling in the common room (drinking games) , uni style.
Which is basically 2 chairpeople and then they tell you to drink , and you do.

Played some funky drinking games , 1 frog in the pond , 3×7 (or 20+1) , what the fuck … few others too ,which i cant remember.
More or less , you play the game , you fuck up – you drink 3 fingers. And randomly , if someone near you fucks up , you say something dodgy/disgusting, you call the chair’s by their names , you leave the circle without permission etc etc etc. You do 3 fingers – or just down your pint/half pint.

If you’re really unlucky – you get made to do a whirlwind (down a pint whilst spinning) , or gargle a shot.

So , after being rather drunkified – and nearly passing out…

Went to top bannana , where there was horrible music and a dancefloor. And so we danced!
steps , jerk it out , fiddy cent , christmas songs , etc etc.
Highlights of the night was hardcore rave in the middle with basshunter and scooter.

Came back home , had some doritoes – which were amazing… Then went to bed.

Dream involved being fired out of a cannon after being coated in metal for transport , stealing a roadsign – then folding it up and putting it in my pocket , btiching at people in my halls… and other stuff.

unfrotunately i cant remember much else of the dream now D: