Kinda furious.

Used my 48 hour xbox live gold thing , only it didnt work.No online play for meng 😐 Also. not sure if i said yet but i got Viva pinata , Lumines Live , castle crashers and Beautiful Katamari yesterday. … Read More


So today was pretty much shit. (not to be confused with ‘the shit’ of course).Went to aunts house (on my dads side) ,  and it was pretty much the most boring 7 hours of my life, i want them back … Read More

The haul

Some scrilla, a Big sturdyish looking BB gun from frances (and like 3 gajillion BB’s) , a powerball neon from an aunt , Samsung G600 phone from mum , more scrilla from dad , new bag from brother… i think … Read More

Here it is again.

Have to say , i think the amount of presents i get is decreasing with each year.At least this christmas i get a secret santa present to look forward to as well as a weird shaped present from frances (its … Read More

Tf2 video

Probably the best TF2 video ive ever seen , far better than that artsy pyro shit that was floating about everywhere a while ago.


Yeah, so i havent been online much lately – aside from the TF2 / L4D last night. Mainly because ive been playing on the 360, Finished halo 3 on heroic mode the other day , pretty decent game i guess … Read More