Pretty fun night last night…

Christmas dinner , with amazing turkey , roast potatoes and yummy shit.
All slathered in cranberry sauce.

Then circling in the common room (drinking games) , uni style.
Which is basically 2 chairpeople and then they tell you to drink , and you do.

Played some funky drinking games , 1 frog in the pond , 3×7 (or 20+1) , what the fuck … few others too ,which i cant remember.
More or less , you play the game , you fuck up – you drink 3 fingers. And randomly , if someone near you fucks up , you say something dodgy/disgusting, you call the chair’s by their names , you leave the circle without permission etc etc etc. You do 3 fingers – or just down your pint/half pint.

If you’re really unlucky – you get made to do a whirlwind (down a pint whilst spinning) , or gargle a shot.

So , after being rather drunkified – and nearly passing out…

Went to top bannana , where there was horrible music and a dancefloor. And so we danced!
steps , jerk it out , fiddy cent , christmas songs , etc etc.
Highlights of the night was hardcore rave in the middle with basshunter and scooter.

Came back home , had some doritoes – which were amazing… Then went to bed.

Dream involved being fired out of a cannon after being coated in metal for transport , stealing a roadsign – then folding it up and putting it in my pocket , btiching at people in my halls… and other stuff.

unfrotunately i cant remember much else of the dream now D: