Back in essex. where there are black people.

I saw the approximately the entire black population of warwick university this morning just taking the bus to my friend’s house who lives 15 minutes away. Thats scary.

Went to surprise my friend hass whose 20th birthday was on friday. We went to his house with a cake (i had to wait at the bus stop for 45 minutes because of my friend being late… >_>” – i hate lateness.).
As our luck would have it , he wasnt home. After a phonecall we found out he was in goodmayes , so we went to goodmayes. When we got to goodmayes we called him again and he was in curry’s – so we went to curry’s. Obviously by the time we got there he was at the bus stop to ilford. We got on the bus prior to his bus stop and we finally got to see him.

So im back home ,
good things – i have a big room again , i get food cooked for me , i dont have to go to the laundrette , i get to see frances again.

Bad things – The shower is dodgy and goes cold sometimes , im not used to my own bed , the sun pours through the windows in the morning – which is weird since im used to being on the side that doesent get morning sun. Theres no mario kart here , i cant walk out of my room and see friends , i cant shoot jenna with the toy crossbow , laggy wireless internet , no lock on my door.

Other stuff:

– GTA4 is awesome , shame it is a tidge buggy on the PC , missing textures and shit running riot.
– My brother is getting a 360 for xmas , it has halo 3 and appparently we’re getting GHWT with the drums and guitar peripherals.
– I have the lutie theme from ragnarok in my mind right now after thinking about christmas