Baguette VS Snippa Rifle

So i forgot about my blog for a few days – as i realised i have a 360.

Its supposed to be a christmas present for my brother but for some reason im allowed to play it now , so i have been doing so.
Currently i have Guitar hero world tour , Halo 3 , and dead rising.

GHWT is pretty fun , although its not really something i can play for ages – the whole plastic guitar/drums age has sorta peaked already tbh , still fun but its just kinda there now.

Halo 3 is kinda meh in story mode , and i dont have an xbox live gold account so i cant really play online – thankfully. Because if i could play online i doubt id do any of my work.

Dead rising… is surprisingly fucking hard. The demo made the game appear all lah-dee-dah run around and see what you can use to kill zombies , wheras the actual game is GO HERE BEFORE 11AM , RESCUE THESE PEOPLE , ESCORT THE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL USELESS,  FIND WEAPONS WHICH DONT SUCK , FIND FOOD , FIND KEYS , KILL ASSHOLE WHO IS SHOOTING AT YOU WITH A SNIPER RIFLE… WITH A CAN OPENER , etc etc. Its a really fucking hard game at times , and i cant even imagine how you’re supposed to do most of the achievements which are like ‘rescue 50 survivors’ , because if you dont get to them in time , they die , but if you dont do the main mission in time , you die. So its just kinda D:

Anywho , back to statistical analysis of pipettes… >_>”