The last remnant is going to PC? yaaassss.

Had no idea , PC is superior!

Last remnant , FFXIII , mirrors edge – all cool games i get to play for free 😀

Played the rambo arcade game today in my local bowling alley (which is apparently really fucking up to date with games – they have the new silent hill cab too :S) , its so much fun. Build up your rage meter using your machine gun and killing everything and then press the 2nd trigger and your screen catches fire and rambo head appears and he;’s like AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH and you get infinate ammo and invincibility. So great..

Oh , also on the games front. Tom Clancy’s Endwar is so much fun to play , i downloaded the demo thinking it would be like rainbow 6 vegas or something. Then upon startup of the game it asked to configure my voice for commands… I thought.. well okay then , i guess i can issue commands to my squad members by voice – which is kinda cool.
Turns out the game is an all out RTS, which can be played using just one finger/button – that being your right forefinger for the right trigger which activates the mic. All commands can then be issued via the mic , control points are given a letter code , to which you can send units to.
For example , if you held RT and said – Unit 1 move to foxtrot , unit 1 would move to that position. You can change the camera by saying Unit X Camera , you can deploy units by saying ‘deploy gunships’ or whatever you want to deploy… ‘unit 3 attack hostile 2’ etc etc etc. Its so awesome.