Yeah, so i havent been online much lately – aside from the TF2 / L4D last night.

Mainly because ive been playing on the 360,

Finished halo 3 on heroic mode the other day , pretty decent game i guess – but its very much the same sort of thing all the way through. Multiplayer is more fun thankfully. Cant really decide whether it was long or short , guess that means it was somewhere in the middle – the sand level was fucking ridiculously long though (the ark).

I think i finished dead rising? Im not sure.. i got to the end of the 72 hours , helicopter arrived.. sorta.. then i got the achievement for survivor and 10 survivors rescued , unlocked overtime mode… and then the game kept going? *shrugs* oh well. more the better , although the spec ops guys are fucking gay.

Also finished GHWT on drums on hard , however the move from hard -> expert seems a little ridiculous – with double bass beats and just random offbeat bass kicks. Havent really started the guitar career mode yet since guitar is kinda old. I’ll probably do it sometime anyway though.

mm , maybe when i go back to uni you’ll get posts which arent about me kicking ass at games :3