Here it is again.

Have to say , i think the amount of presents i get is decreasing with each year.
At least this christmas i get a secret santa present to look forward to as well as a weird shaped present from frances (its like some sort of prism shape… :S )

And of course there is the 360 and new TV , although those werent my presents in particular , but they’re nice to have around. (completed dead rising today yay!)

Frances came over for dinner last night , and to meet the family and all that. She was scared to say the least but it all seemed to play out well. (may i also add she’s surprisingly good at guitar hero – also the quietest drummer/strummer in the history of the world)

Christmas day tomorrow eh , lets hope i get some better presents than last year…
i mean, doritos and dip is pretty cool i guess….
and the best present i got last year was probably the copy of psychonauts that leetfella bought me lol – speaking of which , xfire says he got an upgrade? I guess we have to go back to making fun of raveys pc? :/

Merry christmas to all the readers , and a big fuck you to my non-readers ^_~