Secret of how to win monopoly , 100% foolproof.

Seriously. On every board , at the end , there are 2 areas which are a different colour – it doesent matter what region of monopoly you’re playing , buy the last 2 before GO.
Obviously buy everything else you can , but go for these two. Once you have both , pump houses.
When mayfair is ‘maxxed out’, £2400 for landing on it. This turns into the ‘game over’ square essentially. Nobody has that much money. They will go bankrupt , and have to sell properties , thus getting poorer and poorer. Obviously , only owning 2 squares of the board may be trying , but eventually , they will all succumb. Happens everytime. And then? you win.

I know this from experience , i spent somewhere in the region of 8 hours today playing monopoly. As soon as someone has both of those , they insta-win , you may as well just give up if its not you because defeat is inevitable. Infact , in the 2nd game , we ended up going 4 on 1 trying to not go bankrupt by the devil who had both of them , we lost. (we let each other go rent free , so that we in theory can just keep gaining money from her.) How depressing.

And that is the story of my christmas , woke up  , opened presents , went to grandparents , played monopoly , lost , played scrabble , lost (although i got ‘Retina’ , ‘awaken’ and probably some other cool stuff too) , ate dinner , played scrabble again , lost again , played monopoly , lost again. Go home.

Tomorrow – Its the other family get together , thankfully,  DJmax blacksquare has sorta been hacked , so i get to be antisocial and play that, Yaaaaaaaaassssssssss.