Fallout 3 DLC1 : Anchorage

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Bit shit really , the quest is that you have to help these people get into an armoury by completing a computer simulation of the war of Anchorage.

So basically its like the tranquility lane bit , but this time the simulation puts you in a snowy desolate area place in the middle of a war. You get all of your weapons and items stripped for the simulation , you get a silened pistol and a sniper rifle. Its pretty much medal of honour or some shit , you have no stimpacks either , instead there are health canisters around the place that heal you.
There is NO free roaming , you go through a very set path through a cave and then along some trenches and small building and shit. There is NO level cap increase , so probably no exp for you.
uhm…. new weapons? Gauss rifle , which is a 1 shot no-kill weapon which needs to be reloaded every time. You get some power armour afterwards as well , in a shade of white this time. zzzzzz.
The final boss is easily killed by a speech thingy , which was somewhat of an anticlimax.

Thats about all i have to say i guess , feels like some sort of generic WW2 shooter with VATS included.
Completed in an hour according to Xfire, probably hour and a half or something.

If you’re on PC i guess its worth getting , just because it’l be free , if you’re on a 360 avoid this shit like the plague – worst 800 points you’ll ever spend probably.

The great escape

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So today was pretty fun ,bit of universe at war in the morning,  stirfry lunch with prawns , went out swimming…
Ended up (after doing a good few lengths) playing tag , then stuck in the mud (tag , but if you’re tagged you have to stay still and someone has to swim between your legs to be freed – also apparently called ‘My dear brother saved me’ in lithuania according to our resident lithuanian expert Aggie) for about an hour or so.

After being nakkered out , went back to my room to finish this weeks lab report [[[ This experiment looks into the double reaction of Phosphoenol pyruvate to pyruvate and then the reaction of Pyruvate to Lactate (with the transferral of hydrogen from NADH to Lactate).]]] and then some general goofing around.

Eventually there was poker in the common room , shortly followed by hide and seek around cryfield (no peoples rooms no outside)… this was shortly followed by…
Probably the most insane game to be played in cryfield , ever.
The jist of the game is Tag with a jail area , you get tagged , you go to jail.
The jail is the common room , you sit on a chair , etc.
If you are ‘free’ you may tag people in the jail area and they are free as well.
There are 2 ‘hunters’ , one usually guards base to prevent people from being set free.
Free people may also hide from the hunters and such.

What makes this game insane in cryfield is that
1. the halls are about 2 ft wide
2. Lots and lots of staircases make for ambushes and crazy escapes
3. 4 floors
4. the common room makes for the most amazing Jail area ever.

Red areas at the top are curtains , ideal for hiding and then tagging people in the jail when the ‘guard’ isnt looking.
The square in the middle is a random brick wall. not sure why thats there.
The doors around the common room all have small windows , allowing you to look in before running into a guard.

Because there is usually a guard hanging around watching over everyone in jail , tictacs are usually employed , waiting at the bottom peering through the door occasionally is a good idea , as you can always leg it up the stairs if you are seen , alternatively…
Rush all openings with people , downside is that this requires alot of people to pull off…
Alternatively, one person is sacrifice , runs from bottom door straight out right door to lure the hunters after him , savior then comes in and saves everyone. etc etc.
The wall in the middle also makes for funny sneak tactics , at one point when i was last one , was chased from the 2nd floor by duncan , down a corridor , mirror’s edge’d through a door , down 2 flights of stairs , speedy opening of door , ran down that corridor , came out from the right entrance to jail , practically dived into the jail whilst tagging everyone i could see.

It was fucking amazing. Although i did slip once and end up grinding the carpet and then rugby shoulder tackling a doorframe , which wasnt particuarly fun. Mum (Elaine) patched me up afterwards though.

Funny , looks smaller in the picture. It has some puss coming out of it now , didnt think grinding carpet could do so much damage – testament of how cheap the carpet in the halls are clearly.

Edit: I only JUST found out that i was apparently bleeding from my other elbow , AND my shoulder (from rugby tackle into the doorframe) , i must have been trying to escape pretty fucking fast.


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Bedside drawer always houses all of my sweets , lets see whats in there shall we

Is it wrong to organize your M&M’s into primary colours and non primary colours?

At least im not duncan , we went swimming today and he HAD to find a locker number that was a prime number (in the 400’s range too)

ps. 2 M&M bags for £2.50 , i took pretty much all of the peanut M&M’s that were left , i had to dig right down to the bottom for them.


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So tom left his keys in my room today. Not to be one to turn down a good photoshop opportunity…

Locked his door and….

Then hid his keys…

He’s walked past it once already XD

Also , ians work in progress on duncans door…

update: finished…


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Bit of a late post and im sure some of you will have already discovered and tried this game out , but just in case…


Kinda like mario or something , but with a twist.
Play through until at least the 5th level before dismissing it as awful.

Steak dinner!

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Oh yeah.
The pictures make my plate look so small mind you. This steak is about the length of my face.

Approx cost of meal , £4 + 50p + 50p + 10p = £5.10
Not bad for a giant steak dinner with chips and corncob.

Amazing article.

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This article is amazing – read the variations , here are some highlights.

“Sardines” A group knocks on the door and either lays down on the driveway or front lawn/step. The last person to leave wins the game.

“Gnoming or Clay-gnoming” which is the knocking at a door or pressing of the doorbell of a house and waiting on the doorstep for the house-owner. When the door is opened the “Gnomer” stands very still. If the house-owner speaks to the Gnomer, they are to fall over. Only once the house-owner has gone back inside their house may the Gnomer leave

“Dance Dance Doormat” When they answer the door you start dancing until they get mad at you.

Some gaming screenshots

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For some reason my xfire wont take screenshots anymore. which is rather lame.

First up , GTA4

Next , Fallout 3
Diego does the time warp (again)

Aaaand… Gary.

And now a few sexy mirror’s edge screenshots

Its pretty damn amazing when ingame screenshots look like they’re promo pictures for how advanced the graphics will look and such.

^heres one of me chasing that guy from Just Cause

^Looks like ‘This was a piece of concept art we had for this level…’

Kinda furious that mirrors edge can run so well and look stunning , when GTA4 just chugs along like some sort of Retard on a unicycle

oh. one more ,



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So we played a game in the common room today , one person goes out of the room whilst the others come up with a related condition.
For example , Everyone has a mental condition which makes them think they’re the person sitting opposite them. Or they think they’re an animal , or one of the seven dwarfs… etc
The psychiatrist (person who went out of the room) then has to ask questions and try to suss out what everyones problems are.
Pretty fun game tbh :D

I also took part in my first Mario Kart grand prix today , Me against the former champion and the current champion , placed 2nd overall , beating the former champion. 370 points.
For those who don;t know , the grand prix is 32 races (all tracks)
tbfh , i would have probably won if beardface hadnt gotten all uber geek and time trialed all of the tracks and learnt the best and most efficient racing lines , then he’s all bragging when he wins after sitting in the common room analysing all of the tracks. silly beardface.

Other things which happened today , went to do my lab , which went on from 11 til 4. Was probably the most boring lab ive ever had to endure , ever. Soooo many test tubes , then pipette this pipette that , then heat them for 10 mins starting them at different times by pipetting enzyme into them , then stopping them at different times pipetting alkali into them , then measuring the absorbance of all of them by transferring to a cuvette…
All of that , for 11 tubes each… FIVE TIMES!
THE PAIN! my eyelid started twitching just out of boredom by the end of it. Probably not helped by the fact i slept at 1:30am last night after playing fallout , and then having to wake for 8:30 for my 9am lecture @_@

I have a test tomorrow on Enzyme kinetics and Gibbs Free energy , which sounds more like bio-physics than anything else. Ugh. Totally not ready and gonna get some shit score. guess ill have to rely on my screenwatching (copying) skills again.

Welcome to Silent Warwick

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So the fog rolled in today , and apparently – when fog rolls into warwick, it looks really creepy.

^Lighting effects on this one make it look super creepy.


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Moby is my Parasite biology lecturer?!

I realise its a bad picture but i took it just before lecture had started and couldnt take another one.

extra storytiem –
DO NOT test if your BB gun is painful by thinking ‘meh. fuck it , its a plastic toy , it surely cant hurt’ and then proceed to load it and aim and fire at your foot. Oh my. Stings like a mo-fucka


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Adams GHWT disk got radial’d when someone kicked his 360 over. To remedy this , he put toothpaste over all of it – in obscene amounts. Then upon putting the disk back in the xbox was annoyed/surprised that it wouldnt read it as a game.

This is one of the people im living with next year also :|

Speaking of toothpaste…

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