Fallout 3 DLC1 : Anchorage

Bit shit really , the quest is that you have to help these people get into an armoury by completing a computer simulation of the war of Anchorage. So basically its like the tranquility lane bit , but this time … Read More

Timewasting in lectures.

So recently my artistic side has been itching to come out , probably due to reading lots of http://www.mspaintadventures.comAnywho , nowadays when i have a boringass lecture i usually draw (or try to draw.) Here are some drawings i did … Read More

The great escape

So today was pretty fun ,bit of universe at war in the morning,  stirfry lunch with prawns , went out swimming…Ended up (after doing a good few lengths) playing tag , then stuck in the mud (tag , but if … Read More


Bedside drawer always houses all of my sweets , lets see whats in there shall we Is it wrong to organize your M&M’s into primary colours and non primary colours? At least im not duncan , we went swimming today … Read More


So tom left his keys in my room today. Not to be one to turn down a good photoshop opportunity… Locked his door and…. Then hid his keys… He’s walked past it once already XD Also , ians work in … Read More


Bit of a late post and im sure some of you will have already discovered and tried this game out , but just in case… EVERSION Kinda like mario or something , but with a twist.Play through until at least … Read More

Steak dinner!

Oh yeah.The pictures make my plate look so small mind you. This steak is about the length of my face. Approx cost of meal , £4 + 50p + 50p + 10p = £5.10Not bad for a giant steak dinner … Read More