Term 2 at Uni begins

After a very short feeling holiday back home , im back at Uni. No 360 , no effortless dinners , no washing done for me , no bottomless supply of food in the fridge.

Only a small room , a fistful of cash and a fuckton of lectures and essays to do.

Term 2 has begun , i just finished unpacking and having my first student meal of the term , a humongous steak with some vegetables and a glass of Grape juice. Mum has told me to not drink 30 bottles of cream soda this term as its bad for me , so ive been given 15 litres of water ,and some juice. The fridge and freezer are pretty much packed full after a free shopping trip , to which i somehow managed to spend £95.
2 essays still to do , 3 ive done , most of them due in the coming week – so i should probably get cracking sooner or later.

Ordered viva pinata for PC , since after playing it on 360 im pretty much addicted.

also. previously on MBA.

New years was spent at embankment in london , we actually got pretty good view this year , mainly because we ended up leaving earlier than we should have. Pretty much opposite the london eye with a clear view due to a small half-grown tree in front of us. It wasnt that packed too somehow. Fireworks this year were amazing , seeing it on the web/tv really can’t do it justice at all. I decided not to make a new years resolution as i generally dont end up keeping it.

New years day night was spent playing Rock band 2 , Soul calibur 4 and Halo 3 , played a bit of Gears of War 2 , Smackdown vs Raw 2008 as well. Day after that was spent playing Halo 3 and Castle crashers mainly. Then it was time to start packing my stuff for uni.

Woke up at 7:45 this morning to meet frances for the last time in a while , came back and then left for warwick at 11 , harvester for lunch – plantation platter , which was ribs , chicken wings and chicken breast with chips , corn , mango chutney and a grilled pineapple. Got to warwick and had to pick up my keys , and then a giant lug of the PC and clothes up to cryfield.

Crowds atm are split between a group in the common room watching a film called ‘Idle hands’ and a group in the kitchen doing fuck knows what.
Not really in the mood for a movie atm so i guess ill be anti social or something.