Longest day yet.

9am start , 2 morning lectures until 11am – physiology and metabolism then Animal and plant biology , then a lab session straight after which went on until 4pm! By the time i got back it was around 4:30. The last time i properly ate was about 8:30 , so my stomach was pretty much ragin.

Cooked up a beasty spagbol , then went back to my room where viva pinata had arrived. Installed it , played for a bit , Had a nap for 2 hours. Hungry again , went to have a salad , mario kart , more viva pinata , and then stealing elaines keys and changing her laptop homepage to bigblackdick.com , her username to ‘bitchface lolololol’ and her keyboard layout to dvorak.

ps. lectures missed so far this term : 1
Essays missed so far this term : 1

Days been at uni : 6

‘Gatecrasher’ tomorrow , should be a fun night – i hope – assuming they play some good music.

pps. Preparing for the mario kart tournament thing which should be happening next week , 4 guys played the 32 course marathon thing and tom was the winner of that , as such – 3 more challengers will play him next week for the crown. (i aim to win obviously.)