So we played a game in the common room today , one person goes out of the room whilst the others come up with a related condition.
For example , Everyone has a mental condition which makes them think they’re the person sitting opposite them. Or they think they’re an animal , or one of the seven dwarfs… etc
The psychiatrist (person who went out of the room) then has to ask questions and try to suss out what everyones problems are.
Pretty fun game tbh 😀

I also took part in my first Mario Kart grand prix today , Me against the former champion and the current champion , placed 2nd overall , beating the former champion. 370 points.
For those who don;t know , the grand prix is 32 races (all tracks)
tbfh , i would have probably won if beardface hadnt gotten all uber geek and time trialed all of the tracks and learnt the best and most efficient racing lines , then he’s all bragging when he wins after sitting in the common room analysing all of the tracks. silly beardface.

Other things which happened today , went to do my lab , which went on from 11 til 4. Was probably the most boring lab ive ever had to endure , ever. Soooo many test tubes , then pipette this pipette that , then heat them for 10 mins starting them at different times by pipetting enzyme into them , then stopping them at different times pipetting alkali into them , then measuring the absorbance of all of them by transferring to a cuvette…
All of that , for 11 tubes each… FIVE TIMES!
THE PAIN! my eyelid started twitching just out of boredom by the end of it. Probably not helped by the fact i slept at 1:30am last night after playing fallout , and then having to wake for 8:30 for my 9am lecture @_@

I have a test tomorrow on Enzyme kinetics and Gibbs Free energy , which sounds more like bio-physics than anything else. Ugh. Totally not ready and gonna get some shit score. guess ill have to rely on my screenwatching (copying) skills again.