The great escape

So today was pretty fun ,bit of universe at war in the morning,  stirfry lunch with prawns , went out swimming…
Ended up (after doing a good few lengths) playing tag , then stuck in the mud (tag , but if you’re tagged you have to stay still and someone has to swim between your legs to be freed – also apparently called ‘My dear brother saved me’ in lithuania according to our resident lithuanian expert Aggie) for about an hour or so.

After being nakkered out , went back to my room to finish this weeks lab report [[[ This experiment looks into the double reaction of Phosphoenol pyruvate to pyruvate and then the reaction of Pyruvate to Lactate (with the transferral of hydrogen from NADH to Lactate).]]] and then some general goofing around.

Eventually there was poker in the common room , shortly followed by hide and seek around cryfield (no peoples rooms no outside)… this was shortly followed by…
Probably the most insane game to be played in cryfield , ever.
The jist of the game is Tag with a jail area , you get tagged , you go to jail.
The jail is the common room , you sit on a chair , etc.
If you are ‘free’ you may tag people in the jail area and they are free as well.
There are 2 ‘hunters’ , one usually guards base to prevent people from being set free.
Free people may also hide from the hunters and such.

What makes this game insane in cryfield is that
1. the halls are about 2 ft wide
2. Lots and lots of staircases make for ambushes and crazy escapes
3. 4 floors
4. the common room makes for the most amazing Jail area ever.

Red areas at the top are curtains , ideal for hiding and then tagging people in the jail when the ‘guard’ isnt looking.
The square in the middle is a random brick wall. not sure why thats there.
The doors around the common room all have small windows , allowing you to look in before running into a guard.

Because there is usually a guard hanging around watching over everyone in jail , tictacs are usually employed , waiting at the bottom peering through the door occasionally is a good idea , as you can always leg it up the stairs if you are seen , alternatively…
Rush all openings with people , downside is that this requires alot of people to pull off…
Alternatively, one person is sacrifice , runs from bottom door straight out right door to lure the hunters after him , savior then comes in and saves everyone. etc etc.
The wall in the middle also makes for funny sneak tactics , at one point when i was last one , was chased from the 2nd floor by duncan , down a corridor , mirror’s edge’d through a door , down 2 flights of stairs , speedy opening of door , ran down that corridor , came out from the right entrance to jail , practically dived into the jail whilst tagging everyone i could see.

It was fucking amazing. Although i did slip once and end up grinding the carpet and then rugby shoulder tackling a doorframe , which wasnt particuarly fun. Mum (Elaine) patched me up afterwards though.

Funny , looks smaller in the picture. It has some puss coming out of it now , didnt think grinding carpet could do so much damage – testament of how cheap the carpet in the halls are clearly.

Edit: I only JUST found out that i was apparently bleeding from my other elbow , AND my shoulder (from rugby tackle into the doorframe) , i must have been trying to escape pretty fucking fast.