Fallout 3 DLC1 : Anchorage

Bit shit really , the quest is that you have to help these people get into an armoury by completing a computer simulation of the war of Anchorage.

So basically its like the tranquility lane bit , but this time the simulation puts you in a snowy desolate area place in the middle of a war. You get all of your weapons and items stripped for the simulation , you get a silened pistol and a sniper rifle. Its pretty much medal of honour or some shit , you have no stimpacks either , instead there are health canisters around the place that heal you.
There is NO free roaming , you go through a very set path through a cave and then along some trenches and small building and shit. There is NO level cap increase , so probably no exp for you.
uhm…. new weapons? Gauss rifle , which is a 1 shot no-kill weapon which needs to be reloaded every time. You get some power armour afterwards as well , in a shade of white this time. zzzzzz.
The final boss is easily killed by a speech thingy , which was somewhat of an anticlimax.

Thats about all i have to say i guess , feels like some sort of generic WW2 shooter with VATS included.
Completed in an hour according to Xfire, probably hour and a half or something.

If you’re on PC i guess its worth getting , just because it’l be free , if you’re on a 360 avoid this shit like the plague – worst 800 points you’ll ever spend probably.