fuck im old.

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well shit , as long as i have the whole facebook team wishing me happy birthday i dont even need real friends.

20 years today , ma ghudd.
Cant even call myself a teenager anymore , which sucks

Co-op , the way forward

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so i just read that Lost planet 2 has 4 player co-op , just like most things on the market nowadays.
Video game developers seem to be getting the fact that people love co-op , probably spurred on by the success of L4D.

Lost planet 2 devs are capcom , as is Resi 5 (which also has co-op…) , does this mean we can look forward to Dead Rising 2 co-op? i fucking hope so.

Also. Dawn of War 2 in co-op is beast , odd how it works – in a kinda dota gameplay style but its a very nice addition. Now if only i could get the online play working….

Also part 2 , Scout update for TF2 is out , my god there are so many scouts… So… so… many….
Unless you feel like achievement hunting (which is actually surprisingly hard due to the way the scout achievements are made) your best bet is to get heavy with natascha, engie or pyro since theres also a double jump achiement for them to get which means everyone bounces around like a motherfucker (making soldier/demo harder to use) , spy is pointless unless you go after enemy heavy/medic’s , sniper (as i found out earlier) gets SWAMPED with scouts , they literally all charge at you with baseball bats out and you get raped.
Kind of pissed about the achievements , i want the sandman but i dont see myself getting 15 achievements any time soon, even considered an achievement server , then i remembered im not a game failing faggot- cheating online is just another way of announcing that you’re not good enough to kill people yourself after all.

edit. oh yeah , forgot to link this..

They put some new soundclips in for the scout :3

Lost planet 2

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Rundown for people who cant be bothered to watch the video…

Stuff thats still in:
Grappling hooks
Stupidly bright flashy explosions
‘if it glows orange , shoot it’ mentality

Stuff that has changed:
Snow -> Forest
Vital Suits -> Bigger Vital Suits

Stuff thats new:

Cover system or something

And then she left…

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Frances left about an hour ago.
She was here for 5 days… (sinces wednesday)
I didnt do any work on monday or tuesday… or the weekend…

I have 3 tests to revise for , 1 Lab report due for tuesday , research to do for my poster project worth 30% of a module due tomorrow morning, tutorial work due tomorrow morning….

SF4 again.

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Yeah… im under the impression i must sleepwalk into the common room at night and play street fighter because i pretty much woke up today and somehow became amazing at the game.
The other day i was about even with some people , now its pretty much domination.
Couldnt beat seth the other day , this morning i beat it on hardest , without losing a round.

everyones afraid to play me now :<

Street fighter 4 is beast as fuck

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Paddy bought it on launch day and its been in the common room since.

Graphics , sounds , style , all that shit is awesome.

Short of basically giving SFA3 the same graphical treatment , i cant think of much else i can critisize on.

On a subnote – Seth , the final boss , is fucking bullshit.
NIccuh is a cheating bastard and i refuse to acknowledge his wins. He’s just a teleporting grabbing bastard who finishes you off by sucking you into his belly and giving you the washing machine treatment before firing you out at the screen. total BS.

I like to think im the current Cryfield champion , although Tom does put up a good fight most of the time.


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So yesterday night was mostly spent at the grad for ed’s birthday , pretty much everyone bought him shots , he ended up drinking 11 shots and 3 pints. i heard him throwing up at 3am.

9 o clock alarms went off , i switched them off promptly.
Woke up at 11:30. lecture was 10-11.
Oh well.

and now im installing FEAR2 , which is taking for-fucking-ever

I also finished downloading Pop n music 16 the other day , but i forgot to bring my PS2 controller so i cant really play that well , i never realised how much of a dick keyboards are when it comes to pressing 4 keys at the same time.

also just dawned on me how loud my keyboard has become , pretty sure it wasnt this loud before – as an additional bonus im pretty sure every time i press spacebar there is some sort of background noise , perhaps the table echoing or the room shaking or something , i have no idea.

ps. For anyone who didnt experience black sheep on vent the other day ,  i suggest you get some friends together , have a few drinks and then reeeeeelaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxx

Expecting frances over later today , just in time for me to start worrying about my 6 hour lab tomorrow – nize.

Reel big fish in fairly big venue (and the rest of Fri 13th)

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So i had a test on Friday morning at 10 , or so i thought. Upon waking up at 9:40 and going into the common room i was greeted by helen. “Arent you supposed to be in a test? everyone else left an hour ago”
Turns out the test was actually at 9.
Had to go to a lecture at 10 anyway , trudged up the hill in the cold feeling miserable as i had just decreased my average score from 65% ish to 40%ish.
Lecture was the worst thing ever , pretty much just spent an hour going over a list of about 20 dieseases and talked about getting the runs and stuff.
Came back to my room , spoke to Dil who greets me with ‘oh. Dave called , he missed his bus.’ – Normally id be minor pissed , but as he had our tickets for the fish and that he’d be arriving at 4ish and the gig starts at 6:30ish , i was medium pissed. Oh well.

Spent 2 hours playing cave story aftering finding it on a list of free games (and vaguely remembering anony playing it), Damn its a good game.

Dave arrived , we headed for the bus stop. Bus to coventry…. we missed the cov station stop. Had to get another bus back , dil and dave didnt have any change and Coventry buses are retarded and only take exact change (london is superior) Got to coventry station , £4 for the damn train to Birmingham , got to birmingham , had to ask 2 brummies , 1 brumette and a brobo(Bramp/Brustbin Brandit) bfore we could find the venue.
The Carling/O2 academy is pretty big by my standards. The support acts for the night was ‘Random Hand’ and ‘Suburban legends’. I cant really say much about Random hand aside from that their singer fails massively and you couldnt understand shit he was saying. Suburban legends on the other hand was pretty damn amazing , songs were fairly good but most of all – they DANCE!~
And then just when you thought you’d seen everything… They did this.

and everyone had their minds blown.

Then the Fish came on , the crowd was a little rowdy this time , with mega pushing and shit left right and center but after the first few songs and relocating to somewhere less moshpit-esque and somewhere more populated by 16 year old skimpily clad emo girls it was alot of fun.
Opened with ‘Trendy’ , Highlights were probably ‘FU song’ , ‘monkey man’ , ‘Take on me’ and ‘where have you been’ but obviously everything was amazing.
Afterwards , a long trip home back to Warwick and i cooked a beasty spagbol since i hadnt really eaten since 3pm and by the time we got back it was like midnight or so. Everyone nom’d and life was good.

ps. sorry for lack of updates recently but there really hasnt been much going on , its reading week at the moment so halls are pretty much empty. I went to a cocktail bar on Tues (?) which was kinda cool , Tequilla sunrise is a very nice drink , as is Blue Lagoon, Bellini not so much.
errr….. yeah. nothing else to report.
pps. Happy valentines day for anyone who gives 2 shits – i for one don’t , such a pointless cash-in holiday.

Pulp Fiction

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So i saw pulp fiction last night for the first time.

Metacritic gave it 94. Thats a very high score.


Im so confused. It was a decent film , but if im being honest whilst watching it i was just wanting it to end already. The plot could be summed up in about 5 minutes if i wanted to , but nope. Endless dialogue followed by monologue and then another giant conversation about shit i couldnt care less about.

If someone feels like explaining what is so good about pulp fiction to me , please do. Because it was pretty meh/boring in my opinion.

Quantum of Solace x2

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Ok so over the period of 2 days i decided to rewatch casino royale and then watch Quantum of solace.
Kinda glad i decided to watch C.R again , because i had forgotten almost all of it tbh.

Quantum of solace then , its nowhere near as bad as people claim it is , after hearing certain people moan about it (maddox , leetfella , half the guys in my halls) i was expecting it to be the worst movie ever , it really isnt.
Granted , lack of good plot , gadgets , cars and guns but the rest of it seemed pretty alright to me. The bond babe was a bit of a throwback though.

If you , like me , havent seen the film yet because of everyone saying how bad it is , just go fucking see it to satisfy your curiosity. Its still a bond film which at the end of the day means you’ll be seeing something mediocre at worst.
id give it a 5/10 ,not great , not horrific.

Not great not horrific brings me straight to the next topic.
Quantum of solace (again)

The game this time.
I heard the game ran on the CoD4 engine , this intruged me – as anyone who has played CoD4 knows that it was very good game (Single player anyway.)
So i got the game , the graphics are solid , with at least some colour in the world compared to gears of something. The gunplay is pretty good too , can fire from the hip or down the weapon sights (cod4 style all the way) , the game however features lots of crazy things. A cover system for example , pressing E will make you run up behind a wall corner/chesthighwall and press up against it , this brings you into 3rd person Solid snake/Gears view, from here you can blindfire , or aim , aiming is pretty much Gears – 3rd person over the shoulder stuff , release aim and you go back into cover.
Theres regenerative health , lots of explosive shit littered around the place to shoot at (barrels , power generators , fire extinguishers)
The game storyline is a heavily modded version of Quantum of solace AND Casino Royale , as you basically complete the story of quantum of solace in 4 missions – you then have to chase the black guy across the construction yard etc , all the other shit he does in C.R , including stumble out of a casino after being poisoned. The game also likes to throw shit in that didnt happen in the film , like the bit where bond talks to vesper on the train – is swiftly followed by WTF BADGUY ON THE TRAIN , QUICK BOND! TO THE ROOFS! ~ JUMP TO THE OTHER TRAIN! and numerous other levels conjured out of nowhere.
Lots of stealthy bits too , which are great fun.
I actually rather enjoyed the singleplayer , i have no idea why.

The multiplayer is very much like CoD4 i guess , MI6 vs Organization , You kill people , you get credits , you get credits you spend on primary weaps (snippah/MG/autoshotgun…) , secondary weaps(big pistol/little pistol/uzi) , grenades (flash/frag/smoke/teargas/!proximity!), perks (more nades/more ammo/less recoil etc) and then you can use that shit ingame to murder more people. Pretty solid, shame theres not really any gametypes being played othert than team deathmatch)

Singleplayer : 7/10
Multiplayer 5/10

Oh. there it is.

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^This was the first thing i saw this morning when i went to close my window.

^The lake was completely frozen over

^ The forest i have to walk through to get to lectures.

Where the hell is OUR snow?!

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So everyone is talking about how deep the snow is , how amazing it is , how the buses and trains are down , the schools are closed , my dad is having snowfights with the kids on the street….

^this is what we got. (after snowball fight , but it wasnt really any deeper than this tbh.)

^this is my garden back home (which my mum felt was so amzing she sent me a picture text at 7:50am and woke me up.)

^Snowman that frances made… hope it isnt supposed to be me or anything…. my arms dont start that low.


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Ive made it a new personal goal to kick open every door i come across , Resi 4/5 style. Mainly because i dont really get to kick open doors much when im at home or in a public area :< So yeah. Just thought id tell you all. i also spent another £2.50 on M&M’s today , ive been keeping all of the red ones seperate , ive nearly accumulated a full bag of just red M&M’s now.