fuck im old.

well shit , as long as i have the whole facebook team wishing me happy birthday i dont even need real friends. 20 years today , ma ghudd.Cant even call myself a teenager anymore , which sucks

Co-op , the way forward

so i just read that Lost planet 2 has 4 player co-op , just like most things on the market nowadays.Video game developers seem to be getting the fact that people love co-op , probably spurred on by the success … Read More

Lost planet 2

Rundown for people who cant be bothered to watch the video… Stuff thats still in:Grappling hooksStupidly bright flashy explosionsAkrid‘if it glows orange , shoot it’ mentality Stuff that has changed:Snow -> ForestVital Suits -> Bigger Vital SuitsStuff thats new:DASH/RUN , … Read More

And then she left…

Frances left about an hour ago.She was here for 5 days… (sinces wednesday)I didnt do any work on monday or tuesday… or the weekend… I have 3 tests to revise for , 1 Lab report due for tuesday , research … Read More

SF4 again.

Yeah… im under the impression i must sleepwalk into the common room at night and play street fighter because i pretty much woke up today and somehow became amazing at the game.The other day i was about even with some … Read More

Street fighter 4 is beast as fuck

Paddy bought it on launch day and its been in the common room since. Graphics , sounds , style , all that shit is awesome. Short of basically giving SFA3 the same graphical treatment , i cant think of much … Read More


So yesterday night was mostly spent at the grad for ed’s birthday , pretty much everyone bought him shots , he ended up drinking 11 shots and 3 pints. i heard him throwing up at 3am. Today…9 o clock alarms … Read More