Quantum of Solace x2

Ok so over the period of 2 days i decided to rewatch casino royale and then watch Quantum of solace.
Kinda glad i decided to watch C.R again , because i had forgotten almost all of it tbh.

Quantum of solace then , its nowhere near as bad as people claim it is , after hearing certain people moan about it (maddox , leetfella , half the guys in my halls) i was expecting it to be the worst movie ever , it really isnt.
Granted , lack of good plot , gadgets , cars and guns but the rest of it seemed pretty alright to me. The bond babe was a bit of a throwback though.

If you , like me , havent seen the film yet because of everyone saying how bad it is , just go fucking see it to satisfy your curiosity. Its still a bond film which at the end of the day means you’ll be seeing something mediocre at worst.
id give it a 5/10 ,not great , not horrific.

Not great not horrific brings me straight to the next topic.
Quantum of solace (again)

The game this time.
I heard the game ran on the CoD4 engine , this intruged me – as anyone who has played CoD4 knows that it was very good game (Single player anyway.)
So i got the game , the graphics are solid , with at least some colour in the world compared to gears of something. The gunplay is pretty good too , can fire from the hip or down the weapon sights (cod4 style all the way) , the game however features lots of crazy things. A cover system for example , pressing E will make you run up behind a wall corner/chesthighwall and press up against it , this brings you into 3rd person Solid snake/Gears view, from here you can blindfire , or aim , aiming is pretty much Gears – 3rd person over the shoulder stuff , release aim and you go back into cover.
Theres regenerative health , lots of explosive shit littered around the place to shoot at (barrels , power generators , fire extinguishers)
The game storyline is a heavily modded version of Quantum of solace AND Casino Royale , as you basically complete the story of quantum of solace in 4 missions – you then have to chase the black guy across the construction yard etc , all the other shit he does in C.R , including stumble out of a casino after being poisoned. The game also likes to throw shit in that didnt happen in the film , like the bit where bond talks to vesper on the train – is swiftly followed by WTF BADGUY ON THE TRAIN , QUICK BOND! TO THE ROOFS! ~ JUMP TO THE OTHER TRAIN! and numerous other levels conjured out of nowhere.
Lots of stealthy bits too , which are great fun.
I actually rather enjoyed the singleplayer , i have no idea why.

The multiplayer is very much like CoD4 i guess , MI6 vs Organization , You kill people , you get credits , you get credits you spend on primary weaps (snippah/MG/autoshotgun…) , secondary weaps(big pistol/little pistol/uzi) , grenades (flash/frag/smoke/teargas/!proximity!), perks (more nades/more ammo/less recoil etc) and then you can use that shit ingame to murder more people. Pretty solid, shame theres not really any gametypes being played othert than team deathmatch)

Singleplayer : 7/10
Multiplayer 5/10