Reel big fish in fairly big venue (and the rest of Fri 13th)

So i had a test on Friday morning at 10 , or so i thought. Upon waking up at 9:40 and going into the common room i was greeted by helen. “Arent you supposed to be in a test? everyone else left an hour ago”
Turns out the test was actually at 9.
Had to go to a lecture at 10 anyway , trudged up the hill in the cold feeling miserable as i had just decreased my average score from 65% ish to 40%ish.
Lecture was the worst thing ever , pretty much just spent an hour going over a list of about 20 dieseases and talked about getting the runs and stuff.
Came back to my room , spoke to Dil who greets me with ‘oh. Dave called , he missed his bus.’ – Normally id be minor pissed , but as he had our tickets for the fish and that he’d be arriving at 4ish and the gig starts at 6:30ish , i was medium pissed. Oh well.

Spent 2 hours playing cave story aftering finding it on a list of free games (and vaguely remembering anony playing it), Damn its a good game.

Dave arrived , we headed for the bus stop. Bus to coventry…. we missed the cov station stop. Had to get another bus back , dil and dave didnt have any change and Coventry buses are retarded and only take exact change (london is superior) Got to coventry station , £4 for the damn train to Birmingham , got to birmingham , had to ask 2 brummies , 1 brumette and a brobo(Bramp/Brustbin Brandit) bfore we could find the venue.
The Carling/O2 academy is pretty big by my standards. The support acts for the night was ‘Random Hand’ and ‘Suburban legends’. I cant really say much about Random hand aside from that their singer fails massively and you couldnt understand shit he was saying. Suburban legends on the other hand was pretty damn amazing , songs were fairly good but most of all – they DANCE!~
And then just when you thought you’d seen everything… They did this.

and everyone had their minds blown.

Then the Fish came on , the crowd was a little rowdy this time , with mega pushing and shit left right and center but after the first few songs and relocating to somewhere less moshpit-esque and somewhere more populated by 16 year old skimpily clad emo girls it was alot of fun.
Opened with ‘Trendy’ , Highlights were probably ‘FU song’ , ‘monkey man’ , ‘Take on me’ and ‘where have you been’ but obviously everything was amazing.
Afterwards , a long trip home back to Warwick and i cooked a beasty spagbol since i hadnt really eaten since 3pm and by the time we got back it was like midnight or so. Everyone nom’d and life was good.

ps. sorry for lack of updates recently but there really hasnt been much going on , its reading week at the moment so halls are pretty much empty. I went to a cocktail bar on Tues (?) which was kinda cool , Tequilla sunrise is a very nice drink , as is Blue Lagoon, Bellini not so much.
errr….. yeah. nothing else to report.
pps. Happy valentines day for anyone who gives 2 shits – i for one don’t , such a pointless cash-in holiday.