Co-op , the way forward

so i just read that Lost planet 2 has 4 player co-op , just like most things on the market nowadays.
Video game developers seem to be getting the fact that people love co-op , probably spurred on by the success of L4D.

Lost planet 2 devs are capcom , as is Resi 5 (which also has co-op…) , does this mean we can look forward to Dead Rising 2 co-op? i fucking hope so.

Also. Dawn of War 2 in co-op is beast , odd how it works – in a kinda dota gameplay style but its a very nice addition. Now if only i could get the online play working….

Also part 2 , Scout update for TF2 is out , my god there are so many scouts… So… so… many….
Unless you feel like achievement hunting (which is actually surprisingly hard due to the way the scout achievements are made) your best bet is to get heavy with natascha, engie or pyro since theres also a double jump achiement for them to get which means everyone bounces around like a motherfucker (making soldier/demo harder to use) , spy is pointless unless you go after enemy heavy/medic’s , sniper (as i found out earlier) gets SWAMPED with scouts , they literally all charge at you with baseball bats out and you get raped.
Kind of pissed about the achievements , i want the sandman but i dont see myself getting 15 achievements any time soon, even considered an achievement server , then i remembered im not a game failing faggot- cheating online is just another way of announcing that you’re not good enough to kill people yourself after all.

edit. oh yeah , forgot to link this..

They put some new soundclips in for the scout :3