I have realised why soul calibur 4 annoys me so much. Satisfaction when winning :[[[[[[|Frustration every loss:        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[| Shit is infuriating when playing tower of lost souls only to lose on the last motherfucker who has [—] much HP left … Read More

more tumbleweed than a tumbledryer

Still nothing much to report if im honestIts pretty hard to blog without going to some form of education facility or workplace. uhm…on the games side:I completed fable 2 and stupidly picked to save everyone instead of choosing the dog … Read More


This guy is my new idol also , last video has some crazy shit at the end , at like 1:37…… O_O”

The guillotine.

To the right : the handouts from most of the lectures ive been to..(does not include the few dozen lecture handouts which i didn’t go to… ) On the left , For comparison (and i probably have to read them … Read More

And home again..

Flipped open my folder of handouts from lectures , its about 4 inches thick :/ i have to read through that thing and more over the course of this holiday , and then i get 1 more month and then … Read More


Went to Lava Ignite in Coventry last night , after a bit of a rocky start with the buses and stuff we got there,To get to the actual club area you have to go up a large flight of stairs … Read More


So decided to go to a club yesterday night with a bunch of friends for someones birthday , it was my first time goin to kasbah so i didnt really know what to expect.Student night on the monday , so … Read More

Angel Baby

So Angels online has a rather… odd… feature about it. Certainly a unique feature which i never thought id see in an MMO. Hitting Alt+R brings up the Angel Baby menu , which is essentially a full bot program. You … Read More