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I have realised why soul calibur 4 annoys me so much.

Satisfaction when winning :[[[[[[|
Frustration every loss:        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[|

Shit is infuriating when playing tower of lost souls only to lose on the last motherfucker who has [—] much HP left , on a scale where i was very very close to throwing my controller through the window , a thought ive never had before.

On a side note , was cleaning out space on my PC and finally decided to delete WoW. Go me.


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So im about to start my essay at last…
3,000 words , this is going to be hell.

In other news , found out that im getting Street fighter 4 next week as a very very late birthday present.

I had a dream last night about finding out about an exam the day before , it was probably the most horrible feeling evar , i woke up and have never been happier to be at home and not at Uni – although warwick uni in my dream was amazing , it was super hot and sunny and i was walking around in shorts , i think there was an outdoor swimming pool next to an outdoor tiki-hut bar. After hearing that the exam is tomorrow , i did what any sane person would do – i went to the nearby supermarket and bought somewhere in the region of 50 eggs. Nize.

ps. only just saw the latest update to L4D , melee cooldown in versets – sounds good to me , that shit was ridiculous.

more tumbleweed than a tumbledryer

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Still nothing much to report if im honest
Its pretty hard to blog without going to some form of education facility or workplace.

on the games side:
I completed fable 2 and stupidly picked to save everyone instead of choosing the dog , now i have no doggy woggy :Completed castle crashers as well , which is really long considering its an XBLA game.
I bought a 360 memory card because i figure im away from home more often than not , problem is that it doesent work properly , i returned it , got another one , that one is the exact same as well – doesent work properly. So now i basically need to find out whether its my Xbox that doesent work or whether its an entire bad batch of Memory cards. What hassle.

On the academic side , i realised last night that my tutor probably set us some work , i have no idea what it was about or where it is or if it even exists for sure.
I havent started my 3,000 word essay on endowhateverbiotism , and im only about 1/4 through reading all of my notes , 2 hours a day went right out the window ~.~
Of the 20 amino acid thingies im supposed to learn , im at 7/20 so far…
Im pretty fucking worried that i may not be able to pass my exams at this point , but im still not committed enough to actually apply myself and do some work >_


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This guy is my new idol

also , last video has some crazy shit at the end , at like 1:37…… O_O”

ITBP Music , also Fable and Gears sequels

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ITBP (In this blog post) , music and Games.

All american Rejects – When the World comes down
Its oh so very generic , it could honestly be any other pop/rock band in the world and id probably not know better. The single they released from it , ‘gives me hell’ is pretty catchy i guess but the tune itself is pretty so-so. The track ‘another heart calls’ on the other hand is the complete opposite , not catchy at all and if i try to remember what the song sounds like right now i really cant , but it has a very good tune and just sounds good.

Papa Roach – Metamorphosis
So i feel kinda bad downloading the album when im going to see them next month (this day next month exactly actually) but i saw the supposed setlist from a friend and figured i should probably learn the songs they’ll be playing. Im actually kinda worried that the tickets havent come yet , im not particuarly keen on the idea of something ive bought not being in front of me a week after i bought it , the email i got said that ‘you may not recieve the tickets until the week of the event’ though… which is sort of comforting i guess? the next line saying ‘if you do not have your tickets 48 hours before the event please call……’ was not so comforting.
So anyway the album , it seems very old school / hard rock , very defined guitar riffs and clear rock lyrics over the top. Hollywood Whore is definately the best song on the album , im still getting into the other stuff.

Other news –
Went to visit good friend Dave today, got 16 nutri-grain bars and 2 games out of it , cant ask for much more from a friend right?
Started playing Fable II , why the fuck am i cutting wood for money , ive heard of gold farming/grinding but this is kind of ridiculous. The property thing in the game is really awesome , as is the whole effect of everything you do and how people look at you and all that shit , very cool game.
Gears 2 , I did warm to Gears of War eventually after playing through the first , Gears 2 is a pretty clear improvement in many ways , the co-op particuarly shines with plenty of ‘okay you take the roofs and cover me’ style moments , or where you’ll both end up flanking a locust camp from both sides and can help each other take out the other’s troikas.

The guillotine.

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To the right : the handouts from most of the lectures ive been to..
(does not include the few dozen lecture handouts which i didn’t go to… )

On the left , For comparison (and i probably have to read them too..) – Lodish stacked on top of stryer , both approx 1.3k pages each.

Also , 3000 word essay on…
‘Endosymbiotic theory – the modern or organelle containing eukaryotic cell evolved in steps through the stable incorporation of chemo-organotrophic and phototrophic symbionts from the domain bacteria
Write and essay reviewing the evidence which supports this theory’

…. T_T

ALSO. 4 Page write up on Virus Haemagglutination Assay lab.

I just want to play 360 and drink milkshakes and eat cookies whilst listening to california.mp3

And home again..

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Flipped open my folder of handouts from lectures , its about 4 inches thick :/ i have to read through that thing and more over the course of this holiday , and then i get 1 more month and then kapow! exams.
My parents already dropping hints that they want higher than a 2-2 :(

Also at home , 360! i kinda forgot i have one of these.

Got soul Calibur 4 for birthday present , so ive been playing that , and i also bought a month gold subscription last night so i can play halo/ghwt/SC4 online. Kinda bitchy that you have to call the fuckers up to cancel otherwise they auto-renew. Also started playing Eternal Sonata which is a Star Ocean style RPG.


nothing much else to report.


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Went to Lava Ignite in Coventry last night , after a bit of a rocky start with the buses and stuff we got there,
To get to the actual club area you have to go up a large flight of stairs , on the walls are mirrors in funky shapes and the carpet was old.. very old , it felt like going to lazer quest or some venue beginning in ‘roller’ , at the top of the stairs was the queue to pay and get in , complete with CCTV monitor attached to the wall , this MUST have been a lazer quest at some point.
We pass the huge black bouncer dude and enter the club…

I think we entered during dance/rave time , because there was darren styles playing , swiftly followed by basshunter and cascada, strobe lights all over the place , fog machines , giant green lazers… Initial impressions were good.

Drinks were fairly cheap , not that i drank much last night – Vodka/coke and VK’s were £1.20 i think

Notice also the jet turbines in the picture above , those come in sets of 2 , and there was about 4 sets of them surrounding the dance floor.
My ears were destroyed by the end of the night.
Music genres cycled… From dance to RnB (shit) , to sing-a-long ‘rock’ (sweet child of mine , livin on a prayer , summer of 69…) to Drum and bass (pendulum) , to hardcore (set u free hardcore remix , insomnia remix…) them back to RnB for the last 20 minutes or so (soulja boi , other monotonous 2 bar loop songs)

Went home by taxi , £2 – only slightly more than the bus ticket there (£1.20)
Went to sleep at 4am…

Woke up at 9:20ish… pain.
Endured a lecture about fungi and stuff , then did a lab until about 3pm , got 0.5 / 10 for my prelab test , ouch.

its now 4pm , my ears are actually still ringing , and i think im gonna go have a nap.

I wanna go birmingham to the oceana tonight (club) but i have a 9am exam tomorrow morning , ive already missed one in that module (worth 5% and bringing down my average from 70% to 40%) so i dont really want to miss another one :(


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So decided to go to a club yesterday night with a bunch of friends for someones birthday , it was my first time goin to kasbah so i didnt really know what to expect.
Student night on the monday , so at least entry was moderately cheap , drinks were like £1.50 each – which isnt great but could be worse i guess, just as well im not a big drinker.

So there are 3 rooms at kasbah and then an outdoor smokers garden kinda area with a bar out there too ,
Room number 3
Indie / shitrock room , pretty small.. and black walls black ceiling etc… the kinda place you might expect to have to fight through if you was a vampire hunter or something. The music here was crappy indie stuff which nobody has heard of , there are flashing coloured lights , they hurt when they hit you in the face. You can hear yourself in this area at least though.
Room number 2
NigguhWut/Xhibit room , about the same size as room 3 , has a chandelier and is over 2 floors.. kinda , small balcony and such but its all really tiny , random black girls on tables thinking they can dance in this room , kinda scary.
Room number 1
Ohmaghud room , i cant really think of any way to describe how big this room was , kinda like what i imagine bill gate’s atrium was to look like i guess? giant chandelier thing, flashing lights and all that jazz , 2 sets of speakers which measure about 1 meter x 1 floor , TWO OF THOSE. Oh yeah , there are super awesome lazer things and a smoke machine too. This room was actually really fucking cool , huge dancefloor and the lazers and shit , and the music was so loud it was borderline deafening , i could feel the bass rumbling my internal organs , there was actually no way you could talk to the person next to you , we had to use mobile phones to text out what we wanted to say , even cupping your hand over someones ear didnt help at all.
The music unfortunately for most of the night , was shit , generic RnB rihanna kinda crap , it did switch to some dancy/drum and bass half way through for some pendulum and shit which was good fun , but then it switched to soulja boi and went downhill from there.

Still a fun night though i suppose , finished at 3am and taxi’d back , surprisingly only spent about…. 1.30 + 3 + 2.40…. £6.70

Angel Baby

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So Angels online has a rather… odd… feature about it. Certainly a unique feature which i never thought id see in an MMO.

Hitting Alt+R brings up the Angel Baby menu , which is essentially a full bot program.

You set skills your char uses when its killing shit (what you open with , with you finish with .. etc)
You set what monster your guy attacks and the distance to which your guy seeks them out ,  you set whether to run away from boss monsters or not , you set whether to autorevive and then go back to your training spot…

Cast buffs on yourself , use items on yourself when you’re below X hp…

Theres also this crazy menu which i dont really know how to use , but the gist of it is that the bot will play the entire game for you.

As an example , i started a new char and left the game open for a while , my guy is now level

Angels Online

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^Pretty cool music video , kid is a tank

So the latest then?
Angels Online , Probably the biggest surprise of 09 so far , originally only wanted to play it because i saw this picture ~

Turns out its actually not a bad game at all as free MMO’s go , kind of like trickster/Ragnarok Online.
Run around, kill stuff , grind on paopaos , all the usual MMO stuff.
Also , did i mention Rage fire elf?

The avatar system thing is kind of innovative, which is a huge surprise for a game which basically rips off every other game ever – apparently they stole just about every Diablo sound ever for the skill sounds.
Rather worryingly we clocked up around 5 hours of play time in one sitting last night , the question remains as to whether we’ll go back for more…

On another non-gaming related note , i was in the kitchen with a bunch of people including a very drunk duncan , i put some jelly and ice cream in a glass because all my bowls were dirty (from jelly and ice cream for the most part) , duncan tells me to down the jelly , and that he’ll down ‘this’ if i do

(did i really just find a site called barbequesauce.be?)
I tell him that if he goes first , i’ll down the jelly after.
He does it , gets through about a quart of the bottle and then starts spluttering in the sink. lol.

Yay , no more exams for a little while

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Been a little tight strung lately , exam on friday , exam on monday and then todays big exam.
Yesterdays exam was pretty much horrific , the exam earlier today though wasnt toooooo bad – fucking biostatistics.

Everyone here seems to be gearing up for the last stretch of Uni , i believe next week is going to be crazy , people are saving up money and planning to go clubbing/drinking every night and such – we’ll see i guess. Not particuarly fond of clubbing if im honest.


Gave the new cp_junction map a try from the TF2 scout update , plays pretty well if not amazingly cramped, pretty much the killzone if you’re a soldier or demoman. I got the Baseball bat the other day as well, amazing fun to use but so very hard to use well , the lack of double jump is kind of lame too.

Played the HAWX demo through today, its good fun , not sure if id pay £30 or whatever its actual price is though.

Happy birthday cake

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it did have lit candles in it , but i didnt have enough time to take a picture because they were singing happy birthday and the candles were kinda shlumping to the side and wobbling and dripping wax over and stuff.

Pictured above with 2l of ice cream and the giant bowl used to make it.

its kind of hard to tell in pictures , but it was about the width of my chest , luke actually put it on the table on top of a pizza tray , the jelly overflowed off the edges by about 1inch all the way round.

Nash also got me an actual cake , thoughtful him , and i got a card signed from everyone :)

Also , boyce was kind enough to give me a present…

So what did i do on my birthday then…

Woke up at 11ish , played some TF2 , unlocked the force-A-nat00r.
Went out ice skating in coventry, came back whilst the girls went to watch some chick flick.
Played some more TF2 , bit of birthday headsh0ts with ye old sniper.
Went out to coventry again to go to a noodle bar , the noodle bar in cov is pretty damn beasty. Huge bowls and at a good price (£6.30 for a giant bowl of fried crispy egg noodles with char siu pork and veg), it tastes good as well which is a nice bonus. We then went to a bar for a bit before heading to the ice rink again to watch the warwick panthers against cardiff , they lost 6-4 unfortunately but it was a good game nonetheless. Then came back to eat cake and jelly and play SLAMiT pinball ^_^