Happy birthday cake

it did have lit candles in it , but i didnt have enough time to take a picture because they were singing happy birthday and the candles were kinda shlumping to the side and wobbling and dripping wax over and stuff.

Pictured above with 2l of ice cream and the giant bowl used to make it.

its kind of hard to tell in pictures , but it was about the width of my chest , luke actually put it on the table on top of a pizza tray , the jelly overflowed off the edges by about 1inch all the way round.

Nash also got me an actual cake , thoughtful him , and i got a card signed from everyone 🙂

Also , boyce was kind enough to give me a present…

So what did i do on my birthday then…

Woke up at 11ish , played some TF2 , unlocked the force-A-nat00r.
Went out ice skating in coventry, came back whilst the girls went to watch some chick flick.
Played some more TF2 , bit of birthday headsh0ts with ye old sniper.
Went out to coventry again to go to a noodle bar , the noodle bar in cov is pretty damn beasty. Huge bowls and at a good price (£6.30 for a giant bowl of fried crispy egg noodles with char siu pork and veg), it tastes good as well which is a nice bonus. We then went to a bar for a bit before heading to the ice rink again to watch the warwick panthers against cardiff , they lost 6-4 unfortunately but it was a good game nonetheless. Then came back to eat cake and jelly and play SLAMiT pinball ^_^