Yay , no more exams for a little while

Been a little tight strung lately , exam on friday , exam on monday and then todays big exam.
Yesterdays exam was pretty much horrific , the exam earlier today though wasnt toooooo bad – fucking biostatistics.

Everyone here seems to be gearing up for the last stretch of Uni , i believe next week is going to be crazy , people are saving up money and planning to go clubbing/drinking every night and such – we’ll see i guess. Not particuarly fond of clubbing if im honest.


Gave the new cp_junction map a try from the TF2 scout update , plays pretty well if not amazingly cramped, pretty much the killzone if you’re a soldier or demoman. I got the Baseball bat the other day as well, amazing fun to use but so very hard to use well , the lack of double jump is kind of lame too.

Played the HAWX demo through today, its good fun , not sure if id pay £30 or whatever its actual price is though.