Angels Online

^Pretty cool music video , kid is a tank

So the latest then?
Angels Online , Probably the biggest surprise of 09 so far , originally only wanted to play it because i saw this picture ~

Turns out its actually not a bad game at all as free MMO’s go , kind of like trickster/Ragnarok Online.
Run around, kill stuff , grind on paopaos , all the usual MMO stuff.
Also , did i mention Rage fire elf?

The avatar system thing is kind of innovative, which is a huge surprise for a game which basically rips off every other game ever – apparently they stole just about every Diablo sound ever for the skill sounds.
Rather worryingly we clocked up around 5 hours of play time in one sitting last night , the question remains as to whether we’ll go back for more…

On another non-gaming related note , i was in the kitchen with a bunch of people including a very drunk duncan , i put some jelly and ice cream in a glass because all my bowls were dirty (from jelly and ice cream for the most part) , duncan tells me to down the jelly , and that he’ll down ‘this’ if i do

(did i really just find a site called
I tell him that if he goes first , i’ll down the jelly after.
He does it , gets through about a quart of the bottle and then starts spluttering in the sink. lol.