Angel Baby

So Angels online has a rather… odd… feature about it. Certainly a unique feature which i never thought id see in an MMO.

Hitting Alt+R brings up the Angel Baby menu , which is essentially a full bot program.

You set skills your char uses when its killing shit (what you open with , with you finish with .. etc)
You set what monster your guy attacks and the distance to which your guy seeks them out ,  you set whether to run away from boss monsters or not , you set whether to autorevive and then go back to your training spot…

Cast buffs on yourself , use items on yourself when you’re below X hp…

Theres also this crazy menu which i dont really know how to use , but the gist of it is that the bot will play the entire game for you.

As an example , i started a new char and left the game open for a while , my guy is now level