So decided to go to a club yesterday night with a bunch of friends for someones birthday , it was my first time goin to kasbah so i didnt really know what to expect.
Student night on the monday , so at least entry was moderately cheap , drinks were like £1.50 each – which isnt great but could be worse i guess, just as well im not a big drinker.

So there are 3 rooms at kasbah and then an outdoor smokers garden kinda area with a bar out there too ,
Room number 3
Indie / shitrock room , pretty small.. and black walls black ceiling etc… the kinda place you might expect to have to fight through if you was a vampire hunter or something. The music here was crappy indie stuff which nobody has heard of , there are flashing coloured lights , they hurt when they hit you in the face. You can hear yourself in this area at least though.
Room number 2
NigguhWut/Xhibit room , about the same size as room 3 , has a chandelier and is over 2 floors.. kinda , small balcony and such but its all really tiny , random black girls on tables thinking they can dance in this room , kinda scary.
Room number 1
Ohmaghud room , i cant really think of any way to describe how big this room was , kinda like what i imagine bill gate’s atrium was to look like i guess? giant chandelier thing, flashing lights and all that jazz , 2 sets of speakers which measure about 1 meter x 1 floor , TWO OF THOSE. Oh yeah , there are super awesome lazer things and a smoke machine too. This room was actually really fucking cool , huge dancefloor and the lazers and shit , and the music was so loud it was borderline deafening , i could feel the bass rumbling my internal organs , there was actually no way you could talk to the person next to you , we had to use mobile phones to text out what we wanted to say , even cupping your hand over someones ear didnt help at all.
The music unfortunately for most of the night , was shit , generic RnB rihanna kinda crap , it did switch to some dancy/drum and bass half way through for some pendulum and shit which was good fun , but then it switched to soulja boi and went downhill from there.

Still a fun night though i suppose , finished at 3am and taxi’d back , surprisingly only spent about…. 1.30 + 3 + 2.40…. £6.70