Went to Lava Ignite in Coventry last night , after a bit of a rocky start with the buses and stuff we got there,
To get to the actual club area you have to go up a large flight of stairs , on the walls are mirrors in funky shapes and the carpet was old.. very old , it felt like going to lazer quest or some venue beginning in ‘roller’ , at the top of the stairs was the queue to pay and get in , complete with CCTV monitor attached to the wall , this MUST have been a lazer quest at some point.
We pass the huge black bouncer dude and enter the club…

I think we entered during dance/rave time , because there was darren styles playing , swiftly followed by basshunter and cascada, strobe lights all over the place , fog machines , giant green lazers… Initial impressions were good.

Drinks were fairly cheap , not that i drank much last night – Vodka/coke and VK’s were £1.20 i think

Notice also the jet turbines in the picture above , those come in sets of 2 , and there was about 4 sets of them surrounding the dance floor.
My ears were destroyed by the end of the night.
Music genres cycled… From dance to RnB (shit) , to sing-a-long ‘rock’ (sweet child of mine , livin on a prayer , summer of 69…) to Drum and bass (pendulum) , to hardcore (set u free hardcore remix , insomnia remix…) them back to RnB for the last 20 minutes or so (soulja boi , other monotonous 2 bar loop songs)

Went home by taxi , £2 – only slightly more than the bus ticket there (£1.20)
Went to sleep at 4am…

Woke up at 9:20ish… pain.
Endured a lecture about fungi and stuff , then did a lab until about 3pm , got 0.5 / 10 for my prelab test , ouch.

its now 4pm , my ears are actually still ringing , and i think im gonna go have a nap.

I wanna go birmingham to the oceana tonight (club) but i have a 9am exam tomorrow morning , ive already missed one in that module (worth 5% and bringing down my average from 70% to 40%) so i dont really want to miss another one 🙁