The guillotine.

To the right : the handouts from most of the lectures ive been to..
(does not include the few dozen lecture handouts which i didn’t go to… )

On the left , For comparison (and i probably have to read them too..) – Lodish stacked on top of stryer , both approx 1.3k pages each.

Also , 3000 word essay on…
‘Endosymbiotic theory – the modern or organelle containing eukaryotic cell evolved in steps through the stable incorporation of chemo-organotrophic and phototrophic symbionts from the domain bacteria
Write and essay reviewing the evidence which supports this theory’

…. T_T

ALSO. 4 Page write up on Virus Haemagglutination Assay lab.

I just want to play 360 and drink milkshakes and eat cookies whilst listening to california.mp3