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All american Rejects – When the World comes down
Its oh so very generic , it could honestly be any other pop/rock band in the world and id probably not know better. The single they released from it , ‘gives me hell’ is pretty catchy i guess but the tune itself is pretty so-so. The track ‘another heart calls’ on the other hand is the complete opposite , not catchy at all and if i try to remember what the song sounds like right now i really cant , but it has a very good tune and just sounds good.

Papa Roach – Metamorphosis
So i feel kinda bad downloading the album when im going to see them next month (this day next month exactly actually) but i saw the supposed setlist from a friend and figured i should probably learn the songs they’ll be playing. Im actually kinda worried that the tickets havent come yet , im not particuarly keen on the idea of something ive bought not being in front of me a week after i bought it , the email i got said that ‘you may not recieve the tickets until the week of the event’ though… which is sort of comforting i guess? the next line saying ‘if you do not have your tickets 48 hours before the event please call……’ was not so comforting.
So anyway the album , it seems very old school / hard rock , very defined guitar riffs and clear rock lyrics over the top. Hollywood Whore is definately the best song on the album , im still getting into the other stuff.

Other news –
Went to visit good friend Dave today, got 16 nutri-grain bars and 2 games out of it , cant ask for much more from a friend right?
Started playing Fable II , why the fuck am i cutting wood for money , ive heard of gold farming/grinding but this is kind of ridiculous. The property thing in the game is really awesome , as is the whole effect of everything you do and how people look at you and all that shit , very cool game.
Gears 2 , I did warm to Gears of War eventually after playing through the first , Gears 2 is a pretty clear improvement in many ways , the co-op particuarly shines with plenty of ‘okay you take the roofs and cover me’ style moments , or where you’ll both end up flanking a locust camp from both sides and can help each other take out the other’s troikas.