more tumbleweed than a tumbledryer

Still nothing much to report if im honest
Its pretty hard to blog without going to some form of education facility or workplace.

on the games side:
I completed fable 2 and stupidly picked to save everyone instead of choosing the dog , now i have no doggy woggy :Completed castle crashers as well , which is really long considering its an XBLA game.
I bought a 360 memory card because i figure im away from home more often than not , problem is that it doesent work properly , i returned it , got another one , that one is the exact same as well – doesent work properly. So now i basically need to find out whether its my Xbox that doesent work or whether its an entire bad batch of Memory cards. What hassle.

On the academic side , i realised last night that my tutor probably set us some work , i have no idea what it was about or where it is or if it even exists for sure.
I havent started my 3,000 word essay on endowhateverbiotism , and im only about 1/4 through reading all of my notes , 2 hours a day went right out the window ~.~
Of the 20 amino acid thingies im supposed to learn , im at 7/20 so far…
Im pretty fucking worried that i may not be able to pass my exams at this point , but im still not committed enough to actually apply myself and do some work >_