So im about to start my essay at last…
3,000 words , this is going to be hell.

In other news , found out that im getting Street fighter 4 next week as a very very late birthday present.

I had a dream last night about finding out about an exam the day before , it was probably the most horrible feeling evar , i woke up and have never been happier to be at home and not at Uni – although warwick uni in my dream was amazing , it was super hot and sunny and i was walking around in shorts , i think there was an outdoor swimming pool next to an outdoor tiki-hut bar. After hearing that the exam is tomorrow , i did what any sane person would do – i went to the nearby supermarket and bought somewhere in the region of 50 eggs. Nize.

ps. only just saw the latest update to L4D , melee cooldown in versets – sounds good to me , that shit was ridiculous.