Mucking about Messing around in Vegas , pretty cool program although way too complicated for its own good alot of the time…

Top 10 gaming experiences

Number 10:(Doesent have a picture) a place on the top 10 only because it changed my life , for the worse. Its impressive how a game that is so bad can be so widely played. Im sure theres some advanced … Read More

Few random photos of the day.

Stole adams sunglasses earlier , damn i look hot. Look like im about to.. idk. backflip off a carpark on a motorbike whilst firing 3 uzi’s at once. Also , went to costies today because i had (more like HAVE … Read More

Yesterday // J00z it // Today

Recap of yesterday since i couldnt be fucked to write it up last night. Was woken up at around 7am to the sound of mum yelling , i look up… and see frances in my room.Apparently she got her mum … Read More

Papa Roach

Papa Roach gig was fucking immense , played alot of the new stuff which was kind of a shame but the new album is pretty good at least. Bought a shirt from the vendors outside for a tenner , it’ll … Read More

Not the best day ever…

Woke up to the sound of GHWT drums in the lounge , couldnt really complain since it was after 10am like i told him but nonetheless i was having an amazing dream about eating watermelons (im srs.) in morocco or … Read More