Top 10 gaming experiences

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Number 10:
(Doesent have a picture)
Given a place on the top 10 only because it changed my life , for the worse. Its impressive how a game that is so bad can be so widely played. Im sure theres some advanced brainwashing tactics in the game somewhere to keep people playing.

Number 9:

Counter Strike Source , although everyone else claims i dont TK french people , i do , just not as blatently as everyone else does. I prefer the sneaky ninja approach , a dickish flashbang into B tunnels after all my teammates run in for example. As opposed to the rather obvious shotgun + face approach that ‘some people’  use.

Number 8:

ET Quake Wars was another great game we all played for a while , unfortunately like all FPS’s , you can only really play it for so long…

Number 7:

Counter Strike 1.6 , used to play this tons back in the day , but by far my best experiences have been running around in a shield posse and stacking against a wall somewhere


Number 6:

World of Warcraft , as much as i hate to admit it , it is a pretty good game and arguably the best MMO out there at the moment when it comes to actual longevity and content. Its a huge shame everyone didnt get into it other than me and anony as i reckon a posse of me , anon , boyce , leet ,cross , zllig… all high leveled and geared wondering around the alliance low levels messing niccuhs up would have been just as fun as white sands – maybe another time?


Number 5:

Team Fortress 2 : Class massing , Not just fun with engineers , but any class which is massed – pryo’s , soldier’s , anything. TF2 on the whole was pretty good fun when we were all really into it.

Number 4:

Phantasy Star Universe , possibly the best £8(or however much it was per month) i ever spent , only lasted about a month but damn was it a fun month. I do wish i had a picture of Cross’s totem pole room.

Number 3:

Age of Conan : Ganking in white sands , I still really dont know whether the hide skill is supposed to be for or against ganking , on one side , hide -> gank , on the other hand i suppose if you’re lucky and the assholes arent camping around the respawn point you can hide and sneak away… Regardless , killing level 5’s on white sands with my amazing barbarian was great fun , until some faggot ToS or someone came along anyway.

Number 2:

Ragnarok Online , i spent a good 2-3 years with this game on multiple servers and guilds , thought it definately deserved a mention. I still have nightmares about that damned ghostring card.

Number 1 :

Our first time playing through Left 4 Dead : No Mercy on Expert , so many zombies… The panic , the terror , the anony screaming down my headset , it was a life changing experience.

Meng became a fan of ‘not being a retard’

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Granted facebook is generally for fags , but in a world where everyone has one its hard not to use it. It also doubles as a pretty handy spying tool for earwigging onto other peoples conversations or looking at pictures of other people with their tops off (seen it) , looking at pictures of people you knew 10 years ago (done it) and photoshopping cocks onto people you know. which reminds me.

you know i wouldnt have done it for anyone else <3 Anywho , given the problematic ‘become a fan of’ thing , i thought id see whats the most retarded thing i could find to be a fan of , its pretty hard to find something which hasnt already been done – Oxygen already has a good 18 thousand fans. ‘Suicide’ , surprisingly not many fans , ditto for ‘death’ , but those are a bit morbid. I did try ‘not being gay’ but i just ran into a bunch of pro-gay stuff , dont really wanna get involved there. In the end of i had to settle with

Few random photos of the day.

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Stole adams sunglasses earlier , damn i look hot.

Look like im about to.. idk. backflip off a carpark on a motorbike whilst firing 3 uzi’s at once.

Also , went to costies today because i had (more like HAVE since im typing this up now.) a bitch of a headache and paid extra dollar for super advanced tablets , which looked like something from the matrix

also. saw bunnies on the way to my lecture today , warwick is so different to essex.

Yesterday // J00z it // Today

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Recap of yesterday since i couldnt be fucked to write it up last night.

Was woken up at around 7am to the sound of mum yelling , i look up… and see frances in my room.
Apparently she got her mum to drive her to my house so she could say goodbye before i left for uni , sweet.

From there it was disconnecting my pc , loading up the car , and then a 2.5 hour drive down to coventry.
My mum insisted i find the estate agent who i owe money to , i was supposed to give in a deposit cheque for the house next year but i just never got round to it. We parked in a pretty scary looking carpark , i imagine its what azkaban looks like or something. 30 minutes of walking later we find the estate agents… Its closed. Obviously.
We walk back and get lunch at some place called ‘Mumbai Bluu’ which is essentially a posh pub. Pub food for lunch then.
I took a chance and ordered the steak and chips (for £6.50). To my surprise it was actually pretty good , nice thick steak although not too large in size itself , little overseasoned with pepper but meh. The chips were kinda lol though , they were ‘gourmet chips’ , which apparently means you only get about 8 of them – these chips were fucking amazing though , lovely and crisp , perfectly salted and with a few specks of ground pepper, best chips i ever had maybe? Aside from curly fries , those things kick serious ass.

Went to uni , collected the keys from the reception and began unloading the car.
Fucking christ my pc is heavy as hell. Even with a trolly thing it was heavy getting it up the hill.

We then went to tesco to get supplies , this basically means drinks since tesco is about 20 minutes walk from home and carrying drinks home is a horrible horrible experience.

who would have guessed that carrying 30 litres of water up a hill is a painful experience.

After this we played some wario ware and then went off to city to see papa roach (see other blog post)

Today is the unpacking day , along with rest before work and revision starts for real.

Papa Roach

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Papa Roach gig was fucking immense , played alot of the new stuff which was kind of a shame but the new album is pretty good at least. Bought a shirt from the vendors outside for a tenner , it’ll probably decompose after 1 wash.
They played Change or die , lifeline , hollywood whore , had enough , scars , dead cell , between angels and insects , last resort (obviously.) and she loves me not (which was probably the highlight of my night).

In other news , saw the below graffiti in leamington spa today.

couldnt help but take a picture.

Not the best day ever…

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Woke up to the sound of GHWT drums in the lounge , couldnt really complain since it was after 10am like i told him but nonetheless i was having an amazing dream about eating watermelons (im srs.) in morocco or spain or some spainesque country.

later in the day i found some strawberry fizzy lances in my bag , they had been left in there for a few weeks and had gotten slightly damp and super sticky. I ate some nonetheless.

Had lunch of pasta and meatballs , played some GHWT drums whilst eating fizzy lances…

I realised today that i have a habit of licking my top left set of teeth when im in deep concentration , gaming in particular. So drumming drumming drumming , full combo , multiplier X4 etc etc….
Why is there a crater in my teeth…

Apparently at some point between eating lances and playing , my filling had fallen out , on the day before i leave for uni.

Had to phone up the dentist and ask for an emergency slot , mum drove me there and i had to wait around for a little while , ended up having a special layered filling done.
After he finished he turned to me with a serious look and said
‘that row of teeth may have issues because of this filling , it may either be sensitive to hot or cold or it may throb like a heartbeat.
Thanks for that.
Paid £45 for filling. Ouch. (SF4 moneys right out the window there)

Rest of the day spent chilling and not doing revision because i couldnt be arsed to.

Went to visit dad also , calcium levels still high and he’ll be in over the weekend. This makes his stay officially longer than 1 week. Poor guy is bored out of his skull. They said the CT scan of his head was fine and his kidneys seemed fine. CT scan of his neck next week as they suspect it is a problem with his thyroid.
(quick wiki indicates its likely he isnt producing a sufficient amount of Calcitronin hormone to regulate the Calcium in his bloodstream.)

Moving out tomorrow morning to go back to warwick for the final term.
(on the plus side i found out that after this term i get 3 months of holiday. THREE MONTHS!!! Im going to be bored of not having to study!)

The Hole (2001)

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The night before going to thorpe park we watched ‘The Hole’ , which is supposedly a psychosomething or other thriller.
Note : I am NOT talking about this film:
The Hole (2003 film), a gay erotic film parody of The Ring (itself based on the 1998 Japanese horror mystery film Ring) ‘

Although tbfh, after watching the film , a gay erotic parody of The Ring would probably have been more entertaining.

The film tells of giant forehead girl’s (bottom left on DVD cover) love for ian watkins (aka Lost prophets lead singer) to the level where she hatches a plan to go down into an underground bunker with him for partying for a few days. They then get locked in and stuff happens.

Or so the film would have you believe , in reality , nothing happens. Twice.

Yeah. Twice. I just spoiled the film boohoo.

The film first tells what is essentially a bullshit version of the story where fivehead girl is all goodygoody and nice , gives backstorys and everything too. 50 minutes later, the film flips the script and is like ‘oh. btw this is what really went down’ and stuff.
Although even in the 2nd version of the story , nothing fucking happens. 1 of them dies to starvation (‘bawwww) , 1 of them tries to drink coke on the sly and gets murdered and lost prophets guy essentially kills himself when he finds out that fivehead girl is playing them all for fools.

So its pretty much just watching a really horrible film ,and then watching the same really horrible film but from different camera angles.
“Super scary. Brilliant”
Maybe the sun was watching the gay parody?

Do i do a film rating system on my blog? i cant even remember.
0 out of 16 mathew perry’s.

Saw: The Ride (Let the torture begin)

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This sequence of pictures was taken in the far distance of the last picture can be seen in the next picture.
… if that makes sense.
eg. first picture you can just about make out the Saw sign in the background , 2nd picture you can see it clearly and then another queue in the distance…

This is where the queue started , time is relatively early , Around 11:30 – 11:45 ish

We’re almost at the MAIN RIDE QUEUE ENTRANCE. jesus christ.
Current queuing time , maybe 30 mins. (12 midday)

Chain fences , leading to barbed wire maze bit.
(single riders entering on the right there – thats the ACTUAL entrance. So close yet so very fucking far.)

Barbed wirezzz – Current queuing time , probably around 90 mins (now about 1pm) , after clearing the barbed wire maze we see…..

fucking christ. are you shitting me?
Current waiting time approx 2 hours (1:30pm)

Looks like theres a bit of queueing after the next bend.
We carry on following the fence left , looking right we now see…

At this point i actually dont give a shit anymore , i feel like i want to die.
Ive been woken up at 7:30 to pay £18 to wait in a queue for fucking ages. Utter bullshit.

(Not pictured) – Ride maintainance time! FUCKING YAY! +15 mins

After playing Queue Queue Revolution Xtreme with the wooden fences outside , we FINALLY go inside the warehouse building.


Current waiting time : probably between 3 – 4 hours.

we eventually got on the ride , which lasted around 1 minute maybe.
It was (thankfully) amazing , lots of big vertical drops and airtime coupled with torture filled scenery and props , which is appropriate because upon exiting the ride you feel like you want to kill yourself because you just spent somewhere in the region of 3 hours queuing for 1 minute of adrenaline. Remind me in future to take a page out of ‘Crank’ and just headbutt black people and steal cars if i want an adrenaline rush , im sure it’ll take a fraction of the time and be tenfold cheaper.

[[[ the rest of the day ]]]We left fairly early , around 8:30ish and got to thorpe park at around 10am.
There is a HUGE queue just to buy tickets for the front door , ive never experienced this before but its ridiculous. We wait in queue for somewhere in the region of 1 HOUR JUST TO GET INto the park. Immidiately queued for saw , being the tards we were. (see above) then went on samurai (1hr queue) , paid £5 for a fistful of ‘amoy straight to wok’ noodles drenched in tesco value sweet and sour sauce with chicken, chef clearly cut all of his vegetables using a guilotine because the onion slices were about 1/5 of a full onion each , ditto for peppers.
We then went on detonator (45 min queue) and then went home because the park was closing. Yeah. we went on 3 rides. the whole day. 3.


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Christ. that is a LOT of time , effort and probably money as well.
Pretty damn impressive.

ps. They’re remaking full metal alchemist now? what the hell. At least its in HD goodness i guess.

Surprise party // Hit the deck

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Went to Frances surprise birthday party thing yesterday night , thought it would be nice to surprise her.
Night ranged from fun to weird to awkward but Frances seemed to enjoy it so thats what matters most i guess.

At around midnight or so i got a text from mum saying that my dad had fainted in the hallway , not sure exactly what happened but he collapsed and hit his chin on something , probably the radiator or something like that – cut his chin and there was blood and such. Ended up having to be taken to hospital , he’s still there now actually. He collapsed due to ‘calcium build up’ apparently , yeah – Calcium , the stuff they tell you is good for you. Weird. get well soon dad (im sure he’ll be discharged by tomorrow evening anyway)

Anywho , because of this i had to sleep over there coz it was too late to catch the bus back. We was greeted with dusty carpet and a duvet with no cover , duvet also probably dusty. Nice. (not). Oh , also , no pillows , so i had to improvise by inverting my coat so it was the soft inside bit and not the durable outside bit , i then put all my extra clothes inside (gloves , cardigan etc) and then zipped it up , making a weird coat calzone pillow thing. It didnt work very well but it got me through to 6:30am when i got a call from mum saying she’d pick me up if i wanted. Left frances to bathe in the dust some more and went home.

^Cool guy contemplating how he can be more amazing at life whilst sitting on some losers.

Bonus picture:

pps. will be using new title structure for posts which have multiple stories in them.


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Best film ive seen in ages , probably better than watchmen – which was also amazing.
Experience possibly made better by watching over vent.

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