Surprise party // Hit the deck

Went to Frances surprise birthday party thing yesterday night , thought it would be nice to surprise her.
Night ranged from fun to weird to awkward but Frances seemed to enjoy it so thats what matters most i guess.

At around midnight or so i got a text from mum saying that my dad had fainted in the hallway , not sure exactly what happened but he collapsed and hit his chin on something , probably the radiator or something like that – cut his chin and there was blood and such. Ended up having to be taken to hospital , he’s still there now actually. He collapsed due to ‘calcium build up’ apparently , yeah – Calcium , the stuff they tell you is good for you. Weird. get well soon dad (im sure he’ll be┬ádischarged by tomorrow evening anyway)

Anywho , because of this i had to sleep over there coz it was too late to catch the bus back. We was greeted with dusty carpet and a duvet with no cover , duvet also probably dusty. Nice. (not). Oh , also , no pillows , so i had to improvise by inverting my coat so it was the soft inside bit and not the durable outside bit , i then put all my extra clothes inside (gloves , cardigan etc) and then zipped it up , making a weird coat calzone pillow thing. It didnt work very well but it got me through to 6:30am when i got a call from mum saying she’d pick me up if i wanted. Left frances to bathe in the dust some more and went home.

^Cool guy contemplating how he can be more amazing at life whilst sitting on some losers.

Bonus picture:

pps. will be using new title structure for posts which have multiple stories in them.