Not the best day ever…

Woke up to the sound of GHWT drums in the lounge , couldnt really complain since it was after 10am like i told him but nonetheless i was having an amazing dream about eating watermelons (im srs.) in morocco or spain or some spainesque country.

later in the day i found some strawberry fizzy lances in my bag , they had been left in there for a few weeks and had gotten slightly damp and super sticky. I ate some nonetheless.

Had lunch of pasta and meatballs , played some GHWT drums whilst eating fizzy lances…

I realised today that i have a habit of licking my top left set of teeth when im in deep concentration , gaming in particular. So drumming drumming drumming , full combo , multiplier X4 etc etc….
Why is there a crater in my teeth…

Apparently at some point between eating lances and playing , my filling had fallen out , on the day before i leave for uni.

Had to phone up the dentist and ask for an emergency slot , mum drove me there and i had to wait around for a little while , ended up having a special layered filling done.
After he finished he turned to me with a serious look and said
‘that row of teeth may have issues because of this filling , it may either be sensitive to hot or cold or it may throb like a heartbeat.
Thanks for that.
Paid £45 for filling. Ouch. (SF4 moneys right out the window there)

Rest of the day spent chilling and not doing revision because i couldnt be arsed to.

Went to visit dad also , calcium levels still high and he’ll be in over the weekend. This makes his stay officially longer than 1 week. Poor guy is bored out of his skull. They said the CT scan of his head was fine and his kidneys seemed fine. CT scan of his neck next week as they suspect it is a problem with his thyroid.
(quick wiki indicates its likely he isnt producing a sufficient amount of Calcitronin hormone to regulate the Calcium in his bloodstream.)

Moving out tomorrow morning to go back to warwick for the final term.
(on the plus side i found out that after this term i get 3 months of holiday. THREE MONTHS!!! Im going to be bored of not having to study!)