Yesterday // J00z it // Today

Recap of yesterday since i couldnt be fucked to write it up last night.

Was woken up at around 7am to the sound of mum yelling , i look up… and see frances in my room.
Apparently she got her mum to drive her to my house so she could say goodbye before i left for uni , sweet.

From there it was disconnecting my pc , loading up the car , and then a 2.5 hour drive down to coventry.
My mum insisted i find the estate agent who i owe money to , i was supposed to give in a deposit cheque for the house next year but i just never got round to it. We parked in a pretty scary looking carpark , i imagine its what azkaban looks like or something. 30 minutes of walking later we find the estate agents… Its closed. Obviously.
We walk back and get lunch at some place called ‘Mumbai Bluu’ which is essentially a posh pub. Pub food for lunch then.
I took a chance and ordered the steak and chips (for £6.50). To my surprise it was actually pretty good , nice thick steak although not too large in size itself , little overseasoned with pepper but meh. The chips were kinda lol though , they were ‘gourmet chips’ , which apparently means you only get about 8 of them – these chips were fucking amazing though , lovely and crisp , perfectly salted and with a few specks of ground pepper, best chips i ever had maybe? Aside from curly fries , those things kick serious ass.

Went to uni , collected the keys from the reception and began unloading the car.
Fucking christ my pc is heavy as hell. Even with a trolly thing it was heavy getting it up the hill.

We then went to tesco to get supplies , this basically means drinks since tesco is about 20 minutes walk from home and carrying drinks home is a horrible horrible experience.

who would have guessed that carrying 30 litres of water up a hill is a painful experience.

After this we played some wario ware and then went off to city to see papa roach (see other blog post)

Today is the unpacking day , along with rest before work and revision starts for real.