Meng became a fan of ‘not being a retard’

Granted facebook is generally for fags , but in a world where everyone has one its hard not to use it. It also doubles as a pretty handy spying tool for earwigging onto other peoples conversations or looking at pictures of other people with their tops off (seen it) , looking at pictures of people you knew 10 years ago (done it) and photoshopping cocks onto people you know. which reminds me.

you know i wouldnt have done it for anyone else <3 Anywho , given the problematic ‘become a fan of’ thing , i thought id see whats the most retarded thing i could find to be a fan of , its pretty hard to find something which hasnt already been done – Oxygen already has a good 18 thousand fans. ‘Suicide’ , surprisingly not many fans , ditto for ‘death’ , but those are a bit morbid. I did try ‘not being gay’ but i just ran into a bunch of pro-gay stuff , dont really wanna get involved there. In the end of i had to settle with