Top 10 gaming experiences

Number 10:
(Doesent have a picture)
Given a place on the top 10 only because it changed my life , for the worse. Its impressive how a game that is so bad can be so widely played. Im sure theres some advanced brainwashing tactics in the game somewhere to keep people playing.

Number 9:

Counter Strike Source , although everyone else claims i dont TK french people , i do , just not as blatently as everyone else does. I prefer the sneaky ninja approach , a dickish flashbang into B tunnels after all my teammates run in for example. As opposed to the rather obvious shotgun + face approach that ‘some people’  use.

Number 8:

ET Quake Wars was another great game we all played for a while , unfortunately like all FPS’s , you can only really play it for so long…

Number 7:

Counter Strike 1.6 , used to play this tons back in the day , but by far my best experiences have been running around in a shield posse and stacking against a wall somewhere


Number 6:

World of Warcraft , as much as i hate to admit it , it is a pretty good game and arguably the best MMO out there at the moment when it comes to actual longevity and content. Its a huge shame everyone didnt get into it other than me and anony as i reckon a posse of me , anon , boyce , leet ,cross , zllig… all high leveled and geared wondering around the alliance low levels messing niccuhs up would have been just as fun as white sands – maybe another time?


Number 5:

Team Fortress 2 : Class massing , Not just fun with engineers , but any class which is massed – pryo’s , soldier’s , anything. TF2 on the whole was pretty good fun when we were all really into it.

Number 4:

Phantasy Star Universe , possibly the best £8(or however much it was per month) i ever spent , only lasted about a month but damn was it a fun month. I do wish i had a picture of Cross’s totem pole room.

Number 3:

Age of Conan : Ganking in white sands , I still really dont know whether the hide skill is supposed to be for or against ganking , on one side , hide -> gank , on the other hand i suppose if you’re lucky and the assholes arent camping around the respawn point you can hide and sneak away… Regardless , killing level 5’s on white sands with my amazing barbarian was great fun , until some faggot ToS or someone came along anyway.

Number 2:

Ragnarok Online , i spent a good 2-3 years with this game on multiple servers and guilds , thought it definately deserved a mention. I still have nightmares about that damned ghostring card.

Number 1 :

Our first time playing through Left 4 Dead : No Mercy on Expert , so many zombies… The panic , the terror , the anony screaming down my headset , it was a life changing experience.